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 Exhaust Sound Clips
  • TLR, hand-built 3/4 system - Link (.wav)
  • TLR, Micron slip-ons - Link (.wav)
  • TLS, Yoshimura slip-ons? - Link (.mp3)
  • TLS, Akrapovik system - Link (.mp3)
  • TLS, Yoshimura full system? - Link (.wav)
  • TLS, Two Bros. slip-ons - Link (.wav)
  • TLR, Two Bros. C5 slip-ons - Link (.wmv)
  • 2002 TLR, Two Bros C5 slip-ons - Link1 (.wav)
  • 2002 TLR, Two Bros C5 slip-ons - Link2 (.wav)
  • 2002 TLR, M4 Full system - Link (.wav)

   *Sound clip recorded 3' behind exhaust, centered & level with tips. (If you are going to record a new clip use these specs.)

 Power Commander Maps
  Stock Maps for TL1000R (taken from Dynojet's Site)
  • M306-000 - Zero Map
  • M306-001 - Stage 2 Map
  • M306-002 - Stage 7 Map
  • M306-004 - Use with M4 full exhaust with stock air filter
  • M306-005 - Use with M4 full exhaust, aftermarket high flow air filter and airbox cover removed
  • M306-003 - Use with Micron Slip-Ons

  Stock Maps for TL1000S (taken from Dynojet's Site)

  • M301-000 - Zero Map
  • M301-001 - Stage 1 Map
  • M301-002 - Yoshimura "race only" slip-ons, BMC or K&N air filter, 3rd generation Suzuki ECU
  • M301-004 - Full Yoshimura "race" exhaust system, K&N filter, 3rd generation Suzuki ECU

  Custom Maps for TL1000S

  • Custom1 - 1997 TL1000S, K&N Air Filter (the map runs around 13.5:1 A/F with K&N and 13.0:1 A/F with either will work good!!) Two-Brothers C4 Bolt-ons, 3rd Generation ECU, No PAIR crap
    Dyno Map
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