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November's Bitchin' Bike Contest - Nominate a bike

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  • November's Bitchin' Bike Contest - Nominate a bike

    Full details of the Bitchin' Bike contest can be found in this tread.

    November's Bitchin' Bike entries officially start today. If you want to enter your bike or nominate another member's bike just post up in the entry forum. Entries will be accepted until the 8th and voting will go until the 9th. At that time the main contest poll will be created for October's Bitchin' Bike which will go until the 15th. So if you know of a kick ass TL go ahead and nominate them or if you think your ride is "Bitchin'" go ahead and post up.

    This month might be a little wonky since my new job starts today and I'm sure how much screen time I'll have to create polls. Might be a testing the waters month.

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