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1989 Honda CBR1000F

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  • 1989 Honda CBR1000F

    This is my Honda CBR1000F. I also own a TL1000R. It's an 89 model and just ticked up 90000km. Runs fantastic. Very comfortable and quick for an old girl. Travelled parts of Australia and Tasmania with this bike. I did a partial resto when I stacked it on a low speed lay down.
    2014 restoration following low speed lay down crash

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    went out to buy one 18mths ago but couldnt get my head around the integrated brakes.
    I think they were faulty cos if you used the front brakes it then had no rear and if you used the rears then the fronts went to the bars,


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      Very nice, my first bike was an 89 CBR600F Hurricane. I love the bike but it was air cooled and being stuck in Atlanta traffic was a killer. Thank god for California's lane splitting laws.


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        Yeah, the CBR1000F had independent brakes from 87 to 92. 1993 to 2000 saw the CBS or combined brake system. Better when they worked, but bloody dangerous if faulty.


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          New South Wales, Australia just got the thumbs up for lane splitting or filtering 2 yrs ago. Good move even though I've been doing it for yrs.


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