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  • Katana 3.0

    I think this would be a huge winner for Suzuki !

    They did what I was hoping.. fixed the gsx-s, a great bike marred by ugly front styling.

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    I like the styling, but what would I do with 148 HP
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      Meaning what ?
      To little or to much ?

      Here is part of the reason why I am more exited about this bike (an affordable gem):

      Plus it's a chance to promote these guy's great channel !

      I am a little frustrated about the whole presentation of the nostalgia thing.
      I'm trying to find the right words...
      It's like why can't they just make the bike... can't they accept what as been given them by the designer who obviously as delivered ?
      I mean did they question themselves when they designed that but ugly F ?
      Then why now ?

      I could go on and talk about it more.. maybe later.


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        Originally posted by twin2 View Post
        Meaning what ?
        To little or to much ?
        twin2, my comment was a poor stab at didn't usual.

        Of course everyone wants more HP, but since I am unaccustomed to 148 ponies, I'd probably hurt myself.

        The second video you posted really makes the GSXF sound like an all-around good machine. Now with these potential aesthetic upgrades, I can understand your enthusiasm. Hopefully, something will come of it.

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          I think they've missed a trick with the Katana 3.0... A single sided swingarm with 5 spoke wheels would make a huge difference aesthetically IMWO.

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            Originally posted by CrashB View Post
            I think they've missed a trick with the Katana 3.0... A single sided swingarm with 5 spoke wheels would make a huge difference aesthetically IMWO.
            Well anything looks better with more money thrown at it .

            But it is part of the appeal that it could be affordable !


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              I'm curious of one thing..
              Like it was said in the video.. the 7kilos extra on the front witch helped with front end feel, will this new katana share this trait ?

              I believe I have felt something similar with the TL with my heavy modded projector headlight ?


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                Originally posted by Six5 View Post
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                I got it....

                Side note:

                You can quote anything...

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                  Originally posted by CrashB;

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                  Originally posted by Brainless

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                    YES !!!!!!
                    Suzuki did it !!!!



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                      This is now reality.

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                        I know it's been some time now, but I'll say my final thoughts on the Katana.

                        I think SUZUKI messed up.

                        I liked the proto, still do.

                        3 things SUZUKI did wrong;

                        First, the headlight, the proto looked good and modern and proper !
                        Just because the original had a generic (cost related) square headlight don't mean you have to butcher a design !
                        The proto was inspired by the original it was not a copy, it looked elegantly futuristic, the original looked quirky futuristic.
                        The designer made it look good first, like he should, not compromise the look, or limit himself...

                        Second, the handle bars, Looks trumps comfort in my book, again the proto is better, why put on V-strom esque ugly bars ?
                        I mean they weren't even very low to begin with on the proto.

                        Third, 12 litres, need I say more ?
                        I didn't know about this when I was admiring the proto.
                        Could SUZUKI have fond a place somewhere for extra fuel, in the frame a la BUELL maybe ?

                        Share your thoughts.