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2003 tlr knocking sound ONLY AFTER BIKE WARMS

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  • 2003 tlr knocking sound ONLY AFTER BIKE WARMS

    i've got 1200 miles on the bike and this is driving me nutz!!!

    #2 cyl has a knocking sound in the cam area. definately top end. only when it hits 170 degs. and not at high rpms, only from 2500 down to just about idel then NOTHING.

    not on excelleration. downshifting coming to a stop like i said from about 2500 to idel. called my dealer and he asked if i was looseing power, no lose of power at all. he asked me if it was injectors. it's not that sound.

    the only way to discribe it is to knock a solid table every second .

    my old 2000 tlr ran fine. no sounds like this!

    any info would be appreciated

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    This is a normal trait on the TL models, someone else can tell you why :dunno

    I just rolled 2000 miles on mine, what color did you get
    May 2003
    August 2004


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      I guess I should have looked at your avator be4 replying

      search for scissor gears. I know if you take them out it ticks louder.
      May 2003
      August 2004


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        got the white and blue . did alot of look changes. no tlr running the area i live in. all the kids are gsxr crazy. i let a few of them ride my older tlr. you wanna see smiles ...............

        i got the whole "man is this thing unbelieveable"


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          it's really not a tick . it is a knock tap your knuckle hard on a table top thats what it sounds like


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            Take off the air box lid. That will take care of the noise

            Tick, Tap, Potato, Potaato. I have a marble table; does it sound the same?..:dunno for sure w/o hearing it.

            Welcome too
            May 2003
            August 2004


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              i was going to myself . i got the bike from a dealership my friend worked at .... believe it or not out the door $8,100.00. sold my other for 6

              luv these bikes.


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                yea marble table should do it. hey what about this decompression lever deal

                any knowledge on this
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                  thanx for the help


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                    yeah.......decompression lever......thats what i meant. did you get some answers on your question? let us know what the out come is.
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                      I have the same sound ( knock ) in mine. Definitely sounds like a (rod? ) knock, have heard that sound many times before when racing/rebuilding engines in my youth.
                      I noticed this about 4000 miles ago and can say that it hasn't had any effect on performance, sometimes the sound is there and sometimes it isn't, so I am going along with the decompression lever theory and leaving well enough alone.
                      I also hear the "tick" when decellerating under low speeds.
                      Also had talked to the dealer about it and he assured me that this was absolutely normal for a TLR. Bright side is you still have a warranty if it really bothers you. Have the shop check it out so you can show history if you have to file a claim later.


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                        A rod knock will be in the bottom end.
                        If it's coming from head, than it's not that.
                        Typical top end noise on a TL is the scissor gears and or Decomp lever.


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                          well i'm taking it to the dealer ship. later on this week keep you all up to speed


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                            ya got same knocking sound and has gottin really noticable after doing wheelies and burn outs


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                              well took it to the dealership , russ & zach (a couple of great guys) confirmed the decompression lever was the problem. took advice from russ and called spears for a performance set of cams. as long as i let the dealer install it won't void the warrenty. and i not getting charged for the labor. so i figured what the @#$% i'll let them do the work. thanx again to the guys in this forum