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Tire Pressure Recommendations?

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  • Tire Pressure Recommendations?

    I am running Michelin Pilot Sports in the OEM widths and am looking for street recommendations on tire pressure. I have heard that the stock pressures of 36/front and 42/rear are too high. What do you think would be better?


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    Between 32/32 - 34/34 for me. (Metzeler)
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      I'm with SteveTLS on this one. I run around 34psi front and back in my TLR with Dunlop 207RRs, same in my GSXR with same tyres and in the last set of Pilot Sports I had as well.
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        Between 32/32 - 34/34 for me. (bt-012ss)

        When I got them fitted they had them set to 38/40 and it felt like crap. It was so unnerving, at 32 there give a good solid, planted feeling.
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          Same here - 32 front, max of 34 rear for canyon carving street riding.

          Track days require lower pressure - 31 F and 32 rear for me and my Metzlers.

          I suppose you should run the higher pressures you mentioned if you are just straight lining it and carrying a fat chick on the back
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            Thanks to all that have responded to my request. I'll experiment with 32-34lbs pressure and see what works best.


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              Was always in the understanding for harder cornering to run the front a little higher than the rear. 34/32. However im with most of you and run a 34/34 because I like a little mileage out of the tires