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Happy Birthday To Me!!!!!

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  • Happy Birthday To Me!!!!!

    Hey what's up everyone? My birthday was saturday the 23rd and I got myself a present. Check her out!!! I'm new to the Tiller, so I know I'm gonna need some help hookin her up right. Late...
    RIP - The Pig (Stolen July 2006)

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    Happy B-Day and welcome to the Planet!

    What b-day number is it?
    If trees could scream, would we be so cavalier about cutting them down? We might, if they screamed all the time, for no good reason.


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      Whats the little thing on the cowl?
      I see Dead People...............

      No really,i see them all the time. I put them in my ambulance.


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        The first think you will need to do is loose the stock cans (get a full system if you can) but that will mean you will need a remap...
        If trees could scream, would we be so cavalier about cutting them down? We might, if they screamed all the time, for no good reason.


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          The cowl came with dragon stickers on both sides. Looks alright to me so I left them there. I cleaned it from front to back with dealer polish/cleaner this weekend so the pic does her no justice now. BIG 25 now by the way f4x, I'm gettin old...
          RIP - The Pig (Stolen July 2006)


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            I KNOW I turned 26 in Feb...

            If trees could scream, would we be so cavalier about cutting them down? We might, if they screamed all the time, for no good reason.


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              Are there many members from southern cali? Where are you from?
              RIP - The Pig (Stolen July 2006)


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                You bunch of young PUNKS.... I got 13 years on you... Wait till you go bald.....
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                  bike looks great welcome to the planet
                  2002 TLR B/W . Yoshimura bolt on Titanium cans. Yosh box remap. Joe V airbox mod. plug in TRE. 17/41 sprockets. Zero Gravity double bubble screen. fan switch. HyperPro steering damper. Extreme Graphic Top Gun undertail. Ohlins rear shock.

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                    And contrats on the TL..

                    I'm in Torrance, and we got a few in Long Beach also, not to mention the SD side of things!

                    Anything I can help with just PM me.. If you get mufflers I got a Yosh box we can use to map it.. But I charge you a 6-pack!
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                      happy b-day
                      welcome aboard
                      things you can do
                      1 airbox mod free
                      2 aftermarket exhaust (from best to last)
                      two bro
                      yosh box remap or pcII
                      fender eliminator free-320.00
                      rear shock recommended
                      steering damper
                      i can go on and on shes a high maintenance girl but she well worth it enjoy her andhave many many more b-days
                      MY MODS:
                      Ackrapovic Evo II full exhaust Head Work,Flowed injectors,Port /Polish exh and intake.cams,subframe,projector headlights,gap mod,Undertray,air/oil breather,pair valve removal,black frame Earth grounding mod . Dynojet PowercommanderII: (Custom Map by Orient Express):Galfer Wave Rotors Front & Rear: Pyramid Hugger:GSXR1k rear brake:A.T.R.E,Galfer Steel braided lines Front & Rear:TLS Cable Clutch Conversion:Woodcraft clipons:Vortex top triple clamp: DID Erv2 gold 520 conversion: Spocket Specialist Titan Tough Sprocket 17/41:GSXR tail: Nocut Frame Sliders:Air Tech Black Chrome Windscreen:LP Carbon Mirrors:Raised Tail 3/4" Ohlins Steering Damper:BRG 1/5 Throttle:GP Tech Fairing Bracket: Clear Alternative tail light:Black rims, ProTeck rearsets.gixxer 1k fender.Bitubo shock,custom projector headlights Race plastics and air tubes by AK composite 3/4 tail rasier custom made by TLDV8
                      Going For 440 wet weight.136 +HP. 72 +TQ

                      TO BE CONTINUED


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                        Nice ride get the cans and the suspension.....Oh yeah

                        the Planet says

                        Happy Birthday, be careful she can be a little quirky.
                        Galfer braided lines throughout, ATRE, UFO tailight, ET79 Undertail and Hugger, 520 16/39 Gold Chain combo, Full Yosh C/F exhuast, Corbin seat, Ohlins Steering Damper, Ohlins Rear Suspension, Tinted Double Bubble Windscreen, Sylvania Superwhites, Yosh Box Remapped and all protected by GORILLA Alarm System


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                          Happy birthday ...nice ride
                          and by the way welcome

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                            OK, I've got some already.

                            #1. Airbox mod?
                            #2. Anywhere to get the Comp Werks fender elim. for cheaper than $150?
                            #3. What suspension upgrades should I get?

                            Thanks everyone...late
                            RIP - The Pig (Stolen July 2006)


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                              Welcome - - 25 and old huh, thats just R-O-N-G Wrong! - You should have researched the TLR more, you may have found that the Yellow one puts out 3.8 more HP at the wheel.
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