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GREAT passenger seat idea

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  • GREAT passenger seat idea

    Okay, I just wanted to know if I am the only one to have ever done this....I mentioned this to my friends and they love it, but have never heard of it. We use to do it all the time in South Africa.

    Here's what you do...

    First, You take the cover off the passenger seat by gently removing the staples that holds it tight.
    Next you cut a groove into the sponge(foam/padding), about 1/2inch wide and 1/2 inch deep and 3" long.
    Next, you cut a 3" piece of your neighbor's garden hose and
    you put this inside the groove you cut into the seat, just nicely to make it flush. Pull the seat cover back over and staple it back underneath.

    Now, you may wonder why I did this - just ask any female passenger, and they will tell you that my ride....IS THE BEST RIDE ....
    "And as I shifted into 6th, I could not remember a word she said..."
    "Talk softly but carry a big stick"

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    Cunning, very cunning.


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      i dont get it
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        Ah!!! a built in puchy vibrater
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          Originally posted by jasonstiller
          i dont get it
          Me either
          Stupidity is like chlorine for the gene pool.......


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            Originally posted by red97
            Ah!!! a built in puchy vibrater

   said puchy!!!

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              you just gotta love the magic of the v-twin's vibrations
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                I tried that but I inverted the grden hose instead worked much better that way.
                Originally posted by thor
                Freak is from TN....Thus a TOTAL hick, so I will have to honor his oppinion on this as it does pertain to jumping cars over rivers, which his hick status gives him automatic authority and expertise in thus said field.

                like you needed proof lassee was well....
                Originally posted by tl1000lasse
                Thanks guys I can feel the love
                Pappa the backdoor is never closed for you why dont you cum inside it sometimes and thor thanks for all the pretty pics


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                  fucking hilarious


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                    that's pure genious!


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                      Ever heard of the VibeRider?

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                        No f-ing way I thought this was all a joke.........guess I was wrong
                        Stupidity is like chlorine for the gene pool.......


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                          you got some issues

                          but i like it
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                            way to go
                            Originally posted by TLCURT
                            Because TL's fucking rock.

                            It's a cult own one is to love one.


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                              It would only be worth it if it gets her horny enough to jump on you as soon as the ride is over.