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Anyone try superbike store huggers?

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  • Anyone try superbike store huggers?

    just checking.. $220 for the hugger and undertail for the TLS and the TLR.. Anyone get one of these? Any experiences with them? Seems a LOT cheaper than FSMD or anyone else....


    Btw.. they have Yellow huggers for $99 on sale too.
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    that cause the yellow is a muddy colour and doesn't match the paint of the yellow TLR's ......... unless you don't care about the look of your bike or your repainting it.. i wouldn't bother.
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      good heads up on the Yellow for people who need it I guess...

      I was looking at the unpainted versions.. $220 from these guys but ~$338 from FSMD.. (+$40 for painted from FSMD)
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        220 for the hugger and undertail? not bad....


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          $220 for the hugger and undertail. I purchased both at one time for my TLS and they are $220 for a reason. That reason is... THEY SUCK! The undertail didn't fit worth a damn and the hugger is so big and bulky and basically NASTY!!!!

          If you decide to go with anyone, I would reccomend and get the pryamid hugger atleast!

          Take it from someone who had first hand with this gear, DON'T GET IT!!!!

          Good luck


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            Thanks Sweet!

            That's the kind of info i'm looking for.. Are they powerbronze, or do they make them themselves? Davidcork has both pyramid and powerbronze it looks like, so I would't wanna order the same crappy part from a different person.
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              thanks sweet. i will go elsewhere. my roomie has the pyramid hugger on his busa, very nice looking, but it always shifts to one side. and it rubs at high speed then. (tire rubs on inside of hugger.


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                Pyramid makes the best huggers I have ever seen
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                  I purchased a yellow one from them. They shipped pretty quick. Install was very easy. Pyramid hugger is what I purchased.
                  It seems to be better quality than other pieces on my bike.

                  The yellow is off a bit, but I'm not that anal so it doesn't matter.
                  Would I buy from them again. Hell yeah.
                  And yeah Sweet tl1000r, did you make the same remark on a prior post, and then retracted?
                  I know nothing about bikes.


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                    From what I know about powerbronze(which is not much at all) I've heard decent things. I don't think superbike makes powerbronze, I think they make they're own.

                    Freakinheat, I don't know what you mean? I've always stood behind Pryamid and never behind that superbike crap.


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                      I got that same hugger from DTS Superbike when they were around. I think The Superbike Store is the same outfit. I like it, and really like the way it mounts. I dont think it's too big and bulky, but to each his own.
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                        ive got one of their huggers. was $99 free shipping. fits fine and keeps the poop off the penske. may have to lose it for the extended swingarm
                        bad photo but here it is...


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                          I think all TLS and TLR huggers are bulky. I wish they would make one that looks different.
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                            i'm with joker

                            maybe if they didnt all integrate the chain guard into the hugger. my favorite part of my last bike (r1) was the little hugger mounted to the swingarm. the mille hugger is nice and small too. if i could find a place to brace my swingarm, i would go that route for the hugger

                            maybe this is a good product idea for our hammerit bruddas in s. africa

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                              Check out the next hugger I will be getting!!! The EVO hugger!