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Question???? Dampner on 97TLS

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  • Question???? Dampner on 97TLS

    Hi! to all ..i am new to this forum....
    I am interested in buyin my 2nd bike...sold my first one.
    I am looking for used suzuki TL1000s modem..97-01
    I heard a lotta good things about this bike....
    My concern is regarding suspension performance...rotary dampner?
    heard a lotta concerns about it of not being up to par...
    Can it be replaced with aftermarket shock and eliminate the whole rotary dampner problems..
    if yes, anyone has changed it...what brand, model they would recommend and have they achieved good results.
    Any good site to buy one on budget....used or new....i can get used rebuilt.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    8 views so replys....

    Can any of you TL gods can shed some of their blessings of knowledge upon me.


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      There is no such thing as a "dampner" on a Suzuki.


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        Lots of talk of the Bitubo unit under $500

        or you can go woth the tried and true Ohlins rear 800-1000

        it will make all the difference in the world.
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          I have heard that you can pickup a TLR swingarm and put a new setup on without to many problems. I don't know if you can do it with the TLS swingarm.

          I'd go with the Ohlins myself. But it depends on how you ride. I came from a SV650S, and replaced the entire suspension and spend a good amount on it all. but in my opinion, the TLS stock suspension is next to perfect for me.


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            its penske for $1k, ohlins for less, there are others. highly recommended.
            i went for the penske but i didnt know to ask your question when i was tl struck.

            do your wallet a favor and find one with an aftermarket rear damper and steering damper already installed.

            it shouldnt be hard...


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              I have a Penske on TLS, it kicks butt. Even on track days the bike does not do anything funny. Of course I am also only a midpack "B" group rider, but hey, nobody in their right mind would do "B group" trackday speeds on the street with all it's blind corners, right?

              Get that TLS. You know you want it. The TLS is like that rowdy fun party girl. She is not the most beautiful girl at the party, but she is the one who puts out
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                Oh GT80....where are you? Poor spelling alert. "Dampner" No offense to jakejade01. There is a guy here who gets his panties in a bunch over the spelling of Damper


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                  I would select the Bitubo, it is adjustable and cheaper. Unless you think you got too much riding skill and need to get the most expensive but not necessarily the best Ohlins or Penske

                  Either way from riding other peoples bikes my experience tells me the improvement will be astounding.
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                    Thanx a lot everyone. for all the responses and info you have provided. I look forward for further help and opinions.

                    *Rear dampner* i meant was rear shock. I know, most of you know what i am talkin about.
                    Thanks anyway....


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                      i'm going with the bitubo this winter, along with the full fork rework and spring changes front and rear. really the stock damper is not that bad, just a bit too numb for my the fork, well thats just too soft for my 210lb butt...


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                        I have a Penske that I haven't even put on yet... For my everyday riding the stock has been fine. (Not that I have much to compare it to.. )

                        There is also a way to rebuild the rotary. there was a website that detailed how to do it, while modifying it to perform better. I just don't remember where it is though.. I'm sure that Steve knows..
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