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Serious problem with TL after blown fuse, any help?

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  • Serious problem with TL after blown fuse, any help?

    I pulled out today and gunned the bike because I pulled out when I shouldn't have... being stupid. I ran the bike up to the rev limiter. All of the sudden the bike dies and wont start.

    I check the bike over and found it had a blown 10A ignition fuse. The only fuse I had on the bike was a 30A so I used it instead. I kept the speed low, if that made a difference. Got it home, running fine. Turned it off and proceeded to hook back up the PCII and replace the 30A with a 10A standard in the ingnition slot. After I do all the hookups, the bike wont start again. When I turn on the key, the electric fuel pump doesn't come on either. I check both the ignition and fuel fuses and they are fine.

    Could I have done some serious damage running that 30A fuse?? If so, what type of damage am I looking at? Fried computer?

    All help is appreciated.

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    I'd say replace some more fuses:dunno

    A 30a fuse wouldn't have hurt it....IMO
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      What else is left besides the Ignition, Fuel and the one on the battery? Everything else I seen was lights. Is there another box besides the one on the right of the forks?

      I wouldn't think the 30A fuse would cause any problem. Why would you think the TL would have blown a fuse only hitting the rev limter? I've done it before and never blown a fuse.

      Maybe I went to far? Maybe with the addition of the PCII it was more of a load?


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        did you try running it without the pc2?

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          I took of the PCII thinking it had something to do with a surge blowing the fuse. I drove the bike all the way home on the stock computer with a 30A fuse in place of a 10A. But that doesn't mean 30A is going through the thing, just it wouldn't stop a 25A surge.

          I'm really miffed on this one myself. I ran fine all the way home.. well, it ran like an old TL with sputters and all. Made me realize what a good investment the PCII was.

          Are there any hidden fuses on the bike?

          Is there any failsafes, like a lawnmower of quality, that will not let the bike start if the oil seems low?


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            The problem COULD lie in what caused the 10A to blow. If you had a problem that would cause that then maybe you were still having that problem after putting the 30A in, then you could have damaged something in the ignition circuit causing it to not turn on the fuel pump, etc.

            Just a thought...

            I am not sure 100%, but I don't ever remember seeing any other fuses except the ones in the front.


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              BTW, almost forgot to say good luck.


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                Does the dash light up?

                Have you jumped the dealer switch in the trunk? Please do so and report any faults.

                Double check all the connections under the seat, maybe you wiggled the wrong one and it came loose:dunno
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                August 2004


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                  All other functions work; lights, signals, horn, bright.. even the dash cycles as it should. But the fuel pump not comming on has me worried.

                  I didn't jump the dealer block in the back. But I agree, there was something that caused the fuse to blow, but it was when the bike was cranking about 10500 or so.. The bike hit the rev limiter for a split second, then the engine died. Could that have been a safety feature to pop a fuse instead of canonball an engine.

                  Also, another thing. It seems odd that it would have ran fine until I cut if of in the driveway. If it damaged the system, wouldn't it have killed it before then? I mean, it doesn't crank nor does the fuel pump come one.
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                    You would have bounced off the limiter several times before doing any damage to the motor.

                    Go jump the switch in the trunk. have you done it before?
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                      Stupid question but did you check the red cut off switch?

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                        yeah, I checked the cut off switch..I found myself keeping on flipping it hopping it woudl start.. you know.. a miracle.

                        Hang out a few guys and I'll run and check the codes. I need help cause I don't know them.. I know there here somewhere on the sites.



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                          Post the codes when you get them, I will let ya know as long a Steve doesnt beat me to it!
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                            I'd say check your guage panel for a fuel injection message. You may have to put it into "dealer mode" to do this.

                            I blew the same fuse and came up with a fuel injection message on the guage panel. That was last week and I haven't had a chance to check mine to see what the problem was.


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                              another stupid question.....just trying to eliminate the easy stuff. its not in gear with the side stand down is it?
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