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Removing Headlight Assembly. any ideas for lighting?

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  • Removing Headlight Assembly. any ideas for lighting?

    I removed the headlight assembly, stock fairing bracket and fairing brace from my TL1000R mainly for the weight. About 7 LBS. I bought a Graves Fairing Stay which I plan to modify to incorporate a light of some sort. I have the Stock Blue/Black Bodywork which I like and will be using. As far as the headlight cutout goes, the best thing I can think of without spending alot more money, is to use and modify a TLR headlight cover to fit in the opening. I have some neat ideas I want to incorporate into the project, and I'm sure it will look pretty good when I'm all finished. Now for some of you guys who have been down this road before, what did you use for lighting. Any ideas? Is there a small headlight of some sort, that can be fitted to a modified fairing stay. ----- While talking with someone over the weekend, about this, I know that with this deal, my time riding the TLR at night will be over. That's okay, as I have 4 other bikes to use at night. The way I plan to do it, I can reinstall the stock parts when I get tired of the no headlight setup. With a light of some sort shining thru the clear headlight cover, cagers may see me better, and the police may not bother me. I'm thinking of using like a Pilot running light, have any of you guys used a setup like that? And how did you wire it into the wiring harness? Tom

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    PIAA lights will work, and can be hung below the top fairing. You can get PIAA's with the same plug as the stock headlights.

    You could cover the stoch headlight cover with plexi glass and airbrush a headlight on. I have done this to a GSXR1100 drag race bike that I mounted a "Race" Ducati 916 upper on. I Airbrushed headlights to the fairing. Hope this helped.
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