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  • Chingus
    It's cool, gives me a chance to post more...

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  • alien_tank
    alarms? yeah i set them off all the time, hehe.

    especially on narrow streets or a parking garage, the m4's can turn it into a big symphony of beeping and roaring... the car owners don't seem to appreciate it quite as much as i do

    sorry to hijack the thread, couldnt resist

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  • Chingus
    Cool, the website claims you can install it yourself in 30 minutes. Which really means at least an hour...

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    Nice price for all those features. I bought a Gorilla for $90U.S. it was simple to install and had just enough features for me.

    You really cannot go wrong for $60 bucks but if installation is going to cost you $100 or 10 hours to get it working correctly you have to keep that in mind as well.

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  • Chingus
    started a topic Alarms Question...

    Alarms Question...

    What's up everyone. I was wondering if I should be looking at any particular type of alarm for my Tiller. I found one called the "KING'S GUN KG-9D" that seems pretty cool. Here's the details:

    Two 4-button waterproof remote transmitters
    Code Learning System (can program upto 4 sets of transmitters)
    Ten Million codes for transmitter
    Remote (slient) Arming/Disarming
    Remote panic button
    Remote searching in silence
    Remote engine start
    Auto re-arming
    Built in shock sensor
    Remote shock sensor adjustment up to 8 levels
    Built in relays for flashing lights and starter disables
    Softkey lockout
    Negative trigger input (optional mercury switch)
    Compact and powerful 110db piezo siren
    Emergency override
    Direct-to battery installation takes less than 30 minutes.
    Arm condition memory
    Automatic reset
    Optional pager output
    Works with any motorcycle with a 12 Volt battery

    All this for $60? Sounds like a good deal to me, but I'm a bit skeptical. Should I be? The alarm on my car was like $700 for all that stuff!!!