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Need Help Removing TLS Front forks

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  • Need Help Removing TLS Front forks

    I need assitance removing my TLS forks so I can send them out for a rebuild and I have a few questions. I'm not planning to do the rebuild myself. I just want to take them off the bike and have a suspension tuner to the actual internal mods to the forks.

    Is it fairly simple for a somewhat mechanically inclined person such as myself?

    I haven't really looked it over too much, but it looks like all you have to do is remove the wheel, calipers, and fender, then loosen the bolts on the triple clamps. Is that right?

    Am I missing some important steps?

    Will I have to remove the clip-ons and controls also?

    And where can I get the torque specs for my TLS?

    How long should it take someone to do it with some basic tools?


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    Easiest way, I would think is to pull the top triple, wheel, etc..

    You're ganna want a decent front stand, or block the engine. The shop manual is hosted somewhere around here (I think I gave it to SuperDodge) for the torque specs. Should take less than 20 minutes.
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      I've been considering doing the same thing to my TLS...

      Taking it apart doesn't scare me, it's putting it all back together that has me worried. What issues should one be aware of?

      Also, lowside996... where in North Cali are ya? Don't have many Tiller friends.

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        Taking the front end of your bike apart is easy. Putting it back together is easy. Just make sure your fork legs are at an even height on the upper tripple and you're done. Don't forget to take off the clip ons when you take the fork legs out.
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          Thanks for the info guys. I'll start either tonight or tomorrow and let you know the progress.

          TL_Music...I'm in Vallejo. Hey! We're neighbors! I met a guy a couple months ago that has a 97 TLS too just a couple blocks from my house.


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            What kind of stand do you plan on usig to support the front end?
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              No Stand needed on our TLS. I put the rear stand then use a hydraulic jack under the engine block and lift there. Lift slowly though because sometimes the front end is heavier than the rear and the rear lifts of the stand sometimes. Then set the bike down on jack stands under the frame.

              Done this several times already.
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                Ive taken mine in and out several times. Remove the front plastic to make life easier!

                Remove front calipers
                (no need to remove all the way, a wire coat hanger bent into hook to hang off triple will work nicely for support)

                Remove front Wheel

                Remove fender

                Remove all 8 bolts (no need to remove clipon bolts connecting them to triple)

                Get a flat tip and tap it down into the lower clamp and remove frok tube. Then do the same on the other side.

                Assembly is just the opposite just use a little loctite when installing the bolts back. Also take some measurements and write them down. If you want to go back factory settings. Measure from either the top of the tube to triple, of the top of the cap to triple.