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2 or 4 finger clutch

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  • 2 or 4 finger clutch

    Just curious as to how many fingers you use to actuate your clutch. I've always used 4 fingers in order to get it as close to the bar as possible, otherwise it tends to grab a little at complete stops. Lately, though, I've been experimenting with 2 finger actuation at speed. Your thoughts?
    what is this "clutch"

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    :dunno I use two on both levers but I find my remaining fingers on the clutch are just sort of over the lever, I dont want to smash my fingers

    I need to find some shorties.
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      Maybe I can mill some up


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        4 finger attack for me



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          four finger leverage for me too!
          Don't cha know the Yellow one's are fastest!


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            4 fingers. Don't think I could pull mine with two fingers for long, and the clutch wouldn't fully disengage with two figers left on the bar, they'd get squashed.
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              2 and 3 fingers for me. (even when I had a full lenght lever)

              2 fingers at speed and 3 in 1st gear/slow speed.

              SD, you can get mine slightly modded cluth clever. It┤s a 3 finger max lever now after the crash...
              Probably shawed of a few grams to...

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                2 fingers for both, adjustments made so that the clutch is fully actuated looonnggg before my other 2 fingers come into play.


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                  4 fingers, in case I actually do use the clutch
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                    4 but have been trying 2 at speed


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                      clutch ?
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                        atleast at speed/sometimes I've been experimenting
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                          on the brake lever i use 2 fingers if i really need to stop quick, but usually just 1 finger and not this one . clutch i use 4 fingers at a stop, but 1-2 fingers at speed. kinda weird, but i use 1 finger on the upshifts and 2 fingers on the down shifts
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                            4 fingers with my Barnett springs.

                            My new DRZ400 has a clutch that feels like it belongs in a 125. One finger will do. Doesn't slip, but then again, it doesn't make 115 or so horsepower either
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                              I also use 1 for braking, unless I have to hammer it. I use 4 for the clutch most of the time...but when I launch, I only use 2. When I already have it in, I slip 2 off to hang onto the bar...'cause we in for a ride!
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