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  • Raising forks

    Got my Pit Bull front stand (New one raises at the lower triple) and I want to raise the forks, question, do I need to remove the front wheel just to raise forks or could I put a hydraulic jack under front wheel and push'em up that way?
    course I'm looking for easiest way possible, Thanks

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    I guess you could do it that way.
    Really the best way to do it is to remove everything. Measure the fork height from the triple to the fork cap to get it close. Then slide the axle in and make sure it threads in nice and smooth. You can have it look really close up top, but if the axle binds at all and doesn't spin freely, they're not perfect.
    That's the most accurate way to make sure the forks are the same height.


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      As Ryno said, best to remove everything.

      Raising them both at the same time with the wheel on would via a jack would be an exercise in futility. Removing everything is not all that hard to do and may save time and stress.


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        Take it apart.. You don't want them misaligned.

        You want them perfect. Did you know that if they're off it'll cock the rotors in the calpers and cause a slight but noticable drag? That'll wear and warp rotors...

        Do it RIGHT the first time!
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          Sounds complicated. All I did was to unbolt the clipons from the top tripple. Loosen the clipons clip and slide them down the proper amount (e.g. 6mm). Then I tightened the clipons and loosened the tripple clamps (one side at a time), letting the bike slide down under its own weight until it hit the clipons and everything was good.

          I didn't have to remove anything, or even take it off the kickstand. The only special tool I used was a digital caliper to set the amount I moved the clipons, and to verify that I had the same height on both legs at the end (off by .01mm, but I don't care).

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