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    Just wondering what the average temperature your bike runs at? Mine is about 189 when driving, but the temp climbs pretty quickly if I idle for a little bit. I have heard about the manual switch for the fan, does that help? I hate seeing my temp at 230. Even if it is not bad, it can't be good.
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    My TLS is about 190 while moving, gets real hot real fast when I stop for a light, it's summer in Houston ya know.

    I've done the fan switch mod on mine, and it works ok ... typically I'll switch the fan to on right when I know I'm going to be stopped (either at a light or traffic) and let it run til I'm moving again.

    It doesn't stop the temp from rising, but it slows the rise til I can get moving again.


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      I average about the same temp as you do. Yes the manual fan switch helps, on a 104 degree day in rush hour traffic it didn't go over 212 with the switch. It works.


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        186, past 220 on a warm day when stopped


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          86C ~187F
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            83C - 181F
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              Normal riding: 83C (181F)
              Trackday style riding: 86-90C (186-194F)

              And I dont even have the fans left... They are unnessesary and frankly, dead weight...
              At trafiklights on HOT days,and there a lot of trafik, it sometimes goes up to 100 C (212F), But that is my "record" and have only happened once. The cure was to run between the cars...
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                I don't know why they call Japan the "land of the rising sun", because in the summer it feels like that sucker sits at high noon all day...

                When you go riding at 0500-0600 and you still feel like a puddle in about 10 minutes; or when you come home at 2400 and you have the same feeling, that's a hot day out

                Glad I don't have an "R" like my buddy I ride with, because even my "S" stays about 215-230 in traffic

                Its a good thing side lining is legal in Japan; then you just open her up and cool down
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                On the outside - TLR forks, front carbon fender, 5/8th master brake cylinder, black SS brake lines (frnt & rear), braking waves all around with Ti bolts, Brembo gold front calipers & a busa gold rear caliper, flush mount signals (frnt & rear), ZG DB scr


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                  Mine runs at 183. I thought that was bad at first, but my buddy's GSX-R750 averages around 200!
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                    183-185 real consitently on the Highways, even under heavy accelerations. In town at a light, just like everyone else, I can see 200+ real fast.


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                      and 's
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                        and s

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                          My TLS averages 174 while riding and usually will get to about 190's before the light changes. It can go as high as 212 though.
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                            182 F


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                              189 while riding, and traffic gets it around 196-205 depending on how bad the traffic is. (S model)
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