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Akrapovic vs other exhaust

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  • Akrapovic vs other exhaust

    Every one says they make the most power...
    The web site says that they are limited to 102 Db for racing regulations (which is lower than the Yosh or M-4)...
    People drool at the prospect of owning them on their rides and say they can't afford it...

    So how much weight does the Akrapovic system save compared to the Yoshimura and the M-4?

    How much Hp does the Akrapovic system give you compared to the Yoshimura and the M-4?


    If you could, what would you get - carbon or Ti cans...?
    Just a few mods:

    Silver, the fastest color!

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    On the outside - TLR forks, front carbon fender, 5/8th master brake cylinder, black SS brake lines (frnt & rear), braking waves all around with Ti bolts, Brembo gold front calipers & a busa gold rear caliper, flush mount signals (frnt & rear), ZG DB scr

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    from yosh's site:
    Q. How much does a Yoshimura system weigh?
    A. On average a Yoshimura slip-on is 6-8lb.
    while a mild steel system is 18-20lb.
    Stainless Systems are 12-14 lb.
    Our ultra-exotic titanium systems weigh 7-8lb.
    Weights do vary based on the bike, so please call for your exact weight

    i am guessing by "mild steel" they mean stock

    from akro's site:
    Typical weights for individual product groups:
    Bolt-on, Slip-on = 1.6 to 2.4 kg (3.5 to 5.3 lb)
    Sport Production, Racing = 4.8 to 5.4 kg (10.5 to 11.9 lb)
    Evolution (titanium) = 3.3 to 4.2 kg (7.2 to 9.3 lb)
    Exact weights are given in the technical specifications for each exhaust system, along with a comparison with the weight of the stock exhaust.

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      dunno if it's any indication but i weighed by hand my bro's full akra sys. for his R6 and my full yosh on the TL. TL is definitely alot heavier by a few lbs. esp. w/ just the cans. yosh cans are pretty heavy in comparison and i'd assume that all the cans are relatively if not exactly the same. only the headers being fit for diff. models.

      akra has a nice mellow sound on the R6. only when you wind it up does it sound like a race bike.

      i do the driving by the parking lot test. my TL @ idle starts to set off alarms w/ the yosh. the R6 only does it when i blip it.

      so if i had the $, i'd get akra. though for racing, a yosh is fine esp. since replacement parts are relatively cheaper.
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        hear its make about 7hp more than the yosh, and like 3-4hp more than the M4...

        dunno about weight...can't imagine it being the much different between the 3.

        as for the carbon or Ti...twins eat through carbon long did you want that exhaust to last? If i was putting down 2k on exhaust, i'd sure as hell want to get the full life out of it!



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          Gotta get the Titanium cans

          It's more like 3-4 hp over Yosh but it does cost 2X as much
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          August 2004


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            They had a test of Bolt on (sure, not full system I know...) a GXX-R 750. The Akra didn´t fare well on that test. Yosh was WAY better than Akra. Though, they say the Full are another story.
            The dumb thing is becasue the Akra full systems are so good everyone thinks Akra Bolt-ons are good to. On this test Akra was among the worst. HP wise that is.
            THE advantage with Akra systems are that they usually pass the noice test att trackdays. Which the M4 can only dream on, if the test them.

            But like SD say, at twice the price Im not even remotely interested in one. Maybe if I can get my hands on a second hand at 1/4 of the "new price".

            And, if you´re not into racing at the track much, the M4 (or Yosh full systems) are a lot more bang for the hard earned money.
            M4 will every other bike at every squid parking.
            Just rev a little and you´ll get a crowed fast enough around you bike...
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              Akra's do give the most power and their fit/finish is awesome, but you need a full system to take advantage of the power and weight savings. I was gonna sell my M4's and get the Akra system, but then I noticed they use the springs to connect the end cans to the mid pipes just like the yosh, so I said forget it.
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                For 2 years I was a rep for Lockhart Phillips and I can tell you that the fit and finish and the overall quality and sound of the Akropovic (everybody pronounces this wrong) is far superior to anybody else. correct pronunciation is (a crop o vick) that is a short a. Anyway if you buy them you will understand and there will be no doubt you justs bought the best of the best.
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                  Thanks for the lesson.. I'd rather say it right than wrong..

                  Doesn't matter though.. the only time I'll use that word in conversation is to say "Yeah, those a-crop-o-vick's are bleedin' expensive and I'll never have one."
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                    ok, akras are really not that good as far as hp. the micron serpent f/s on my buddies 03 r6 makes way more hp and tq than an exactly the same modded 03 r6 with a full akra system. idunno, and i cant justify the cost. imho, they are reserved for ducs and aprilias.... ill stick with my tried and true yosh F/S thank you


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                      and crusher, the yosh dont use springs to connect the mid pipes. they use clamps


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                        I have a full akrapovic system with titanium.....the entire system weighs 15 lbs....and they sound sweet....
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                          I just got a price on a full Acro Ti system, $3500 Aus,
                          Yoshi Ti system $2800 Aus.
                          How can anybody justify spending the extra, it couldnt be that much better?? Anyway at those prices i think ill just stick to my slipons.....


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                            thats what i say. too damned expensive. they fit on ducs and prillers and agustas parked out in front of starbucks with 3 inch chicken strips on both sides of the tires...


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                              Originally posted by horkn
                              and crusher, the yosh dont use springs to connect the mid pipes. they use clamps
                              Everywhere I've seen them they do

                              I thought it was pronounced (a crop oh vich)
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