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TLR down!!!!!

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  • TLR down!!!!!

    Its 11:50 PM. On my way to my apartment tonight to get ready for the first day of school tomorrow. Cruisin at about 80mph. Then it happenes...

    A truck in front of me carrying car parts drops an axle that was in its bed. The axle puts on a fireworks show directly in front of me. I try to miss it but it spins toward me. It hits my front tire from the right side and takes me down. The axle then spins off and hits another five cars. The axle finally finds a home wedged under a civic hatchback. The civics right side was lifted off the ground and caused the car to spin out.

    No major injuries. I tore up my Alpinestars leather jacket, A new Suomy Spec 1R that i bought on friday and messed up my right shoulder. (Typing with one hand right now)

    TLR Status: lost under tray and right side fairing ([email protected] i need TLRR kit now). Ground the clutch cover ( so Lance looks like I will be getting in touch with you), bent lower rad, a chunk of my front rim is missing, a gigantic gash in the front tire, and right side of my Yosh system is now ground flat. That is all I can see from my first visual inspection. I will keep you guys posted...
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    Ouch, seems like they're crashing all over the place...

    It's a good thing that you should be able to claim all costs from the trucks insurrance eventhough it sucks to have your bike messed up...

    Take good care of your shoulder though...
    As I just wrote in the SDTLR and Jens crash Thread, mine got messed up three years and a week ago and I'm fucked for life...
    I can do most things but when I work it above shoulder level or use it with much strenght it hurts.
    And I'm a f***ing volleybalplayer!
    I just to be pretty good but my game's gotten considerably worse because of it.

    Anyway, good luck on the bike and the shoulder!!
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      At least you shouldn't have to pay for any of it, did someone ID the truck?
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        I'm sorry to hear that my friend... it seems as though there have been many crashes in the past week. I'm not riding my bike now for another couple of weeks

        oh damn it... i need to ride it tomorrow!
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          That blows dude! Hope the owner of the truck compensates you for everything.
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            the owner of the truck is 100% liable, thats the good news. bad news is your shoulder is hurt. have it looked at asap. thats even more important than your schooling... trust me. get better man, and you'll make the tiller sweet again..


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              glad to hear you're ok..........make sure you get all the peoples info that were involved in the accident........thats gonna be one big insurance claim on that Parts Store.
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                glad tyou arwe among the living...sounded scary

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                  Sorry to hear it kwik Im glad you are okay and that you had your gear on)

                  Go to the doctor please....
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                    Damn what a fucking idiot always make sure the cargo is secured whit straps
                    Glad you made it in one piece.
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                    Because TL's fucking rock.

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                      Get thee to a Doctor and take care of yourself! You'll want that ass to pay for medical bills, and if it's something that's gonna stick with you for the rest of your life, you deserve compensation.

                      Did the truck stop? Did you get info from him and the other 5 people? Get an attorney ASAP, and don't let the insurance company mess with you because you're injured. Don't accept any offers at all and have them work with your lawyer. I know you're probably shaken up a bit and want the sitch over with, but that's what they're counting on.. Get the $$$$, get healed, and then you can fix up the toy..
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                        Sounds like a scene from Final Destination 2, "Follow the signs"
                        Glad you're alright man, with everyone crashing, TLR parts are gonna be in high demand shortly


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                          Dude...You know you got my condolenses(sp) and if you need to use my garage/tools, they are here for you. Keep in touch and by the way, I got a wiring harness so we can set that TPS when you get your parts.
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                            Thanks everyone for the sympathy! I tried to get a hold of the CHP to find out if the caught the guy but they closed before I could call. I will try tomorrow.
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                              With that many cars involved, the CHP will take an interest in finding the perp. Hopefully one of the many victims got a plate number.

                              I am a Sr. Claims supervisor and handle insurance Auto/Property litigated claims for a living here in CA for the last 15 years. PM me if you have any questions about the process or need a good lawyer referral.

                              Do not, I repeat, do not call "1-800-TheLaw2. They will refer you so some shitbag "Mill" type lawyer who will sell you out for a quick buck and take 33 to 40% of your settlement to boot.
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