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  • Missing on cold start

    I recently rebuilt my TLS after a gearbox failure (Suzuki has superceeded the gear that broke - mustive been weak). Most of the time when I start it up in the mornings it will only run on one cylinder for about 5 seconds - then the other will light up, but miss every now and then, also giving big backfires untill it's semi warmed up. It had new plugs put in it about a month before I stripped it down - any ideas anyone

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    Are both plugs gapped correctly? Are the plug wires pushed in all the way?
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      TPS set correctly?
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        what plugs ya got in there? cr8ek or cr9ek? that and how old is the gas in the tank. i am assuming at least a month.... has it been humid by you? you might want to drain the gas, ans put fresh stuff in. it loses volativity after a while, and also absorbs water...