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'97 TLS vs other years TLS

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  • '97 TLS vs other years TLS

    Just wondering if anyone knew the differences between the '97 TLS and the later TLS's

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    The ECU's were different (but recalled, so there wont be many out there).

    Temperature sensor was mounted in the radiator in the 97's and moved to the thermostat housing in later models for a more accurate reading.

    The clutches were changed to a TLR 6 spring unit after 98.

    Rumors of different part numbers for the cams, but I've heard they are of the same lift and duration.

    Also unconfirmed, something different about the frame to stop the cracking up the front, no such fix for the rear.

    97's were recalled for the steering damper fitting and have different (bodgey) brackets compared to the later models where they were fitted as standard.

    GPS loom only had two wires in it, for some reason they added an earth in the later models, they would have been relying on the switch earthing through the engine, perhaps this was not good enough.
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      97's don't have pair valves 98 and up do


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        (or you get an Aussie model, no pair on any of them )
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          since no one has actually measured the lift and duration of the cams vs 98-01 tls cams, i say they are different because they have different part numbers. Its been proven that the 97 tls's make more hp and tq than newer ones, so this has to be the difference. also, if the cams were the same lift and duration, zuki would've given them a different # (case in point- the rims on a 02 busa have the same part # as my 97 tls rims....)


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            So, if the 97 cams are different, I can increase the horsepower on my '99 by buying a '97 cam and installing, correct?


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              I think that will get argued a lot round here... I've got a 00" model that with cans and a pcII made 116hp at the wheel (approx 123 at the crank) if the cans are responsible for a 5hp increase which I think is reasonable then you are looking at around 118hp without them at the crank, with just a PCII only. That was the claimed figure for a 97 model which makes me think that it was just a fueling and ignition change that Suzuki made in order to tame it down a bit. I think I remember a magazine article saying that was exactly what they did in order to make it more user friendly.


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                Also a tab at the rear, that the damper attaches to was made thicker to prevent cracking. Wasnt exactly frame cracking as you might think of it.


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                  Anyone know how to identify the early ecu's, were thay all supposed to be repalced when the steering dampers were added?


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                    Try that.
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                      I don't know but I'm sure someone around here does.....

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                        ok, i just found out that i have street baffles on my full system yosh on my 97 tls. so, that said mine is otherwise stock 12k on her and she consistently makes 120 hp and 74 tq. on two different dynos around milwaukee. i doubt that the cams are the same when i pull 10 more hp than a newer tls with the same system. also, i pulled 7 more hp than a pc2ed race canned 97tls back to back dynoed....the new sv1k pulled 102hp (stock) and they are claimed at 110 hp (crank) right? so if thats the case, i'm pulling 130 hp at the crank. i doubt a newer tls will make that with only a set of street pipes. now i gotta get a set of rac3e cans at least, if not a new race Ti system....


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                          Freaky motor Horkn, built on a Wednesday, you just said you were up 7hp on another 97. I don't think you can use your figures as the norm, rather they are the exception.

                          Amcn just dynoed an SV1000 and got 113hp RWHP I'm pretty sure they got 118 RWHP out of a 97 TLS when they came out.
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                            horkn, you negate your own argument…

                            Lets see…
                            10 More than a newer TLS
                            7 More than a modified 97TLS

                            What’s to say that the other 97 without the PC2 would have made the same as the newer TLS?

                            I think the ‘Wednesday’ motor maybe more of a reason than anything else. ‘Factory freak’ is also a term that comes to mind.


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                              i dont think i'm negating my own words. whos to say the other 97 was running the right map? maybe mine is just that powerful. the dyno operator told me that mine was the highest hp and tq he's ever seen. (and hes a certified dyno jet operator)