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'97 TLS vs other years TLS

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    Re: '97 TLS vs other years TLS

    i have a 97 tls, reg'd in 98. it has the two wire tre, crap damper bracket, and a pair valve . earlier in this thread it said 97 no pair valve. wtf is my bike then
    black 98 tls
    clear clutch cover, pazzo levers, gppro tre, black d/bouble screen, full bernard system.
    airbox mod done
    thermostat mod done
    fan switch mod done
    ohlins rear, k4 gsxr forks and brakes
    6 spring clutch conv
    vandriver pressure plate, rear res,ccc
    HID headlight mod
    Tlr swingarm


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      Re: '97 TLS vs other years TLS

      Originally posted by aarontl1000s View Post
      Just wondering if anyone knew the differences between the '97 TLS and the later TLS's
      The heads are made for more topend power on 97. On 98+ the flow are made for lowend/middle end power.

      I real that means that 97 have 3-4 more Bwhp on top, but 98+ has 1-3Bbwhp
      more at fx 5000 rpm U cann see the difference on hot thw heads works in topend on on this chart! Its my 97 engine vs 01 engine. Almost same setup but other cams in 01 engine, so u cannot compare the area from 15000rpm-8000rpm. But U can see what the the difference on heads is doing at 9000rpm.

      Red line is my TLS 1997 with
      - full akrapovic
      - airbox mod with lid off
      - KN filter
      - TLR bellmouths 1,5cm
      - Pair system removed
      - IN cams from a TLR EXcam is old TLS IN repressed (Thx to Bernhard!!)
      - 00 TLS engine

      Blue line is my TLS 1997
      - full akrapovic
      - airbox mod
      - KN filter
      - TLR bellmouths 2,5cm
      - standard cams and standard 1997 engine

      V2 Powaaah!