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TPS made easier (maybe)

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  • TPS made easier (maybe)

    I may have mentioned this before but you can adjust the tps according to the output voltage. Here is an extract from an article, it may or may not be for a TL here it is anyway

    "The only way to check is with the throttles completely shut (with the idle stop screws backed right out) and you want 150mV +/- 2mV. That is 0.148 volts to 0.152 volts. The reading is taken from ground to the middle pin on the throttle sensor connector, or across pins 16 and 30 on the ECU. This is very difficult, the factory spec is +/- 5mv but we think the results are better if this is within 2 mv. As you tighten the lock screws the sensor moves so you must progressively tighten and re-adjust until it's right. When it is within 2 mV (you snap the throttle open and shut a few times and re-check) you can reset your idle stop screws to get 1200 rpm idle."

    I'm sure someone here when they correctly adjust the TPS the usual way could measure the ideal voltage. It changes with the TPS movements instantaneously, and is more accurate and less fiddly than using the dealer mode process. Maybe a trimpot could be used to electrically dial it in, kinda like a PCII for the TPS. It could interupt, readjust and output to the ecu the correct voltage at closed throttle, so you would never have to touch the torx screws again. Just an idea

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    an idea like yours is available for ford mustangs setting the tps. with a digital voltage reading on it.. i will look for it. and post the mustang one here


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      Someones already done it.... that'd be right. Im sure Steve has enough bits and pieces to rig one up too ... If the ideal voltage is figured out.