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Battery problems.

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  • Battery problems.

    Good Day Fellow Road Warriors. I noticed my damn battery keeps dying after sitting a few days. The battery I just purchased about a month ago, lost it cranking power just after sitting for about 4 days and nights. It rained all these days. I usually leave Baby in a garage. . I also have a weak horn problem. It sounds strained and weak. Could there be a link to my battery problem, and the horn draining my battery? . Any help would be a great help.



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    :dunno I'd take it back and get a replacement.

    Might be as easy as that
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      Get a replacement, and check for a current drain when turned off.
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        my battery has also needed charging twice since i have had the bike (14 mths) only when it sits for a week or more. i know this is not normal but will get it looked at during next service
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          Viagra is best for a weak horn

          as for the battery I have know idea
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            Actually I would suspect that you may have problems with an open circuit in your TL's rectifier. If you have a Suzuki factory shop manual & a volt meter capable of checking for continuity, resistance & DC voltage you can check it yourself. My 97' TLS rectifier went belly up early this year & I replaced the aging battery first as I figured that since it was getting old it had to be the battery causing the problem. I tested the battery first & it wasn't fully charged so I set it on the trickle charger for the night. Next day the battery was fully charged & I put it back in the bike & rode the bike. A few days later I got stranded at work due to the now discharged battery. After I replaced the battery the problem the problem surfaced again about a week later. So I charged the new battery and checked the rectifier which had an open circuit & wasn't sending current to the battery to the specs specified in the troubleshooting section of the manual. I replaced the rectifier & have used both batteries without any problems...

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              Yeah, you'll want to charge that battery back up, run the bike and check the voltage at the battery with the bike running. Should be between 13-15vdc.
              If it's not, chances are it's the stator or the regulator/rectifier. Also do the obvious and make sure all connections are good.


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                Good suggestions all, but start with the easy stuff first. Do you lock the fork when you park it? If so, make sure you haven't accidentally put the switch in the "Park" position. This turns on the tail light and leaves you with a dead battery the next day. Uhh, errr, at least that's what I've heard...
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                  Thanks Guys,
                  I brought it to my local repairman, and he checked the rectifier and altinator. They were fine. He said he found water in the Plug near the battery. I'm not sure where the hell that came from, or how long it's been there. I do ride in the rain sometimes, and it was sitting in the rain prior to that. I don't have any electrical mods except for the flush mount front turn signals. I do have a plug in my trunk, that came from the Trunk light I unplugged. Well I'm going to have to keep an eye on Baby for now. Again thanks for the suggestions.



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                    Trade in your TLR and purchase a 2003 Triumph Daytona 955i, they have a lifetime replacement warranty on the batteries. I was at the dealer today and saw the advertisement.
                    All kidding aside.
                    I think its time to get a new battery.
                    I know nothing about bikes.