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Please tell me it isn't true!

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  • Please tell me it isn't true!

    Someone told me Honda owns 40% of SUZUKI!

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    actually I believe it's kawi and suzuki that are tight with each other


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      Kawa = suzuki

      I dont know about there road bikes but it is for there motocross bikes. One bike and the only difference is the cosmetic changes
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        Do you honestly think that Honda could own %40 of Suzuki and still let them keep makin' GSXR's? HOW much market share would they retain by killing that line? Puh-leeze.
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          Kawi and Suzuki are in a partnership

          Dont believe everything people tell you, but believe everything the TV says...

          TV is never wrong.
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            It is indeed Kawa.
            And they have indeed produced the same MX bikes.
            Last thing I heard they're working on a road racer together!

            Hope it's V2 but it 'll prolly not come to that.
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              Yeah, Kawi is well known for their fantastic V2 roadracers...
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                they actually make a sweet v2 sport quad called the v force. and a utility quad thats a v twin also... soooo i think tbird has ridden one (its in his avatar)


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                  from what i have seen/heard...okay, read (i dont know anyone) their gp dev is a prime focus. like we'll ever see any of that tech.



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                    You have GP tech in the Tiller, G eneral P urpose.

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                      Dont believe everything people tell you, but believe everything the TV says...
                      No!!! That's wrong. The TV lies to you. Only believe what you read on the internet.


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                        Re: Please tell me it isn't true!

                        Originally posted by MONSTERVTWIN
                        Someone told me Honda owns 40% of SUZUKI!

                        Then customer service should improve soon!
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                          It's common practice for japanese companies to have "interlocking" boards and own some stock in suppliers/competitors/distributors. 40% sounds excessive to me, though.


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                            You need to wake up horkn-

                            <------------------------------that's not a quad

                            And besides, in the avatar you were talking about I was riding a honda....

                            I know, I know, a honda, but the EX is the best out of them all for stunting. But the V-Force is absolutely wicked-sounds kind of like a tiller, and you can ride some sick 1mph wheelies since it won't stall out-this weekend I was standing it up, stopping straight up, and then taking off again. And yes I know pics-they're coming, I got a digital camcorder for the birthday this weekend!

                            Oh and BTW-the suzuki kawasaki thing is an alliance-not a merger-they said at the announcement that it would not affect streetbikes (ie sportbikes/cruisers/tourers). Quads, dirtbikes, dps are fair game though.


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                              ok, whatever. i knew you had ridden a v force, so.......

                              i did ride a prairie 650 v twin, and almostr bought it for may dad, but we went with the 04 sportsman500 HO....