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weak horn problem

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  • weak horn problem

    hi guys

    i decided to put the question in a separate thread, hope, it's fine. so, here is the problem: even after i had installed yoshi pipes on my tls (and headlight's on, of course) ther've been quite a few peds and car drivers who act like they don't notice me so, i need a horn powerful enough to make all those blinds and deafs climb up to the trees around the road every time i accidentally push the button

    any suggestions?

    would appreciate,
    ...she followed him to Siberia and spoiled all his catorga

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    I hear Viagra works a treat on weak horns

    Just get an electic piezzo one from an autoshop, or even a pair of them.


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      You crazy australians.
      I know nothing about bikes.


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        You have got to be the first russian I've seen on the board. Welcome.
        Oh to answer the question, Air Horns.
        I know nothing about bikes.


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          air horns? i'm afraid they're big and heavy, ain't they? or, do you have any particular model in mind?

          thanx anyway
          ...she followed him to Siberia and spoiled all his catorga


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            Louder Horn

            I was thinking the same thing yesterday when riding down the highway and some cager decided to try to take my lane.

            What is everybody else doing for a horn, the stock horn is a little bit better than a joke.
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              air horns

              My bike came with air horns that I tossede. They were plastic and not heavy at all.
              I know nothing about bikes.


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                My stock horn sounds sick...anybody know of a smaller air horn set up that may work??
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                  i use my finger


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                    Spoke to a girl last week at the track who had horns facing forward and backwards. Didn't get the make though... I'd love to have louder horns!


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                      May have mentioned it before but I want this sucker on my bike


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                        Just google on "loud motorcycle horn"

                        Hope this helps.
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                          I replaced my O.E.M horn with one from Discount Auto Parts. It was made for a car but fits perfectly and is quite a bit louder. Not as loud as an air horn , but not bad for ten bucks.
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                            AIR is bad ass.. I have a friend who has them and no I want some...
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