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Well, at least I can say I still haven't dropped my bike yet...

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  • Well, at least I can say I still haven't dropped my bike yet...

    But I did manage to hit a car on the way to work today...
    Woman didn't have her directional on to turn, and waited until she was right in front of me to slam on her brakes to turn into the road I was on. I was looking in the other direction since people fly through that intersection, so I didn't see her stop until it was too late. I was only going about 5mph or so, as I'd just let out the clutch, but dammit, I should have been paying better attention....

    Totally my fault, but there are so many accidents at this intersection that the DPW should be sued for negligence. Same intersection I got tagged in my C5, coming out of the same road... (except in that case it was their fault because the guy who hit me was passing a guy on the right)

    What's weird is that I didn't even come close to dropping the bike, and didn't think it was a big deal until I looked back and saw all of the wreckage in the middle of the intersection. I just caught her rear bumper (older Ford Escort) and it looks like it grabbed a hold of my left fairing and peeled it back like a banana. Unfortunately pulling the side fairing back pulled the tabs off the front fairing, and the black piece under the radiator, so I'll probably need those two things too. The ram air hose got pulled completely off but I ran out into the intersection and grabbed it before anyone could run it over, and it actually looks relatively unscathed. Battery cover isn't touched at all either...

    So now I have to find some replacement plastic. Not much in the "for sale" forum - have people had better luck looking for plastics on the web/forums or at local junk yards? How much should I pay for side/front/under radiator fairings? The bikes a yellow 2k in case anyone knows of something available...

    Man, I was pissed off that the lady didn't use her directional, but she was really nice, and it was hard to pissed at *her* when it was really my fault for clipping her, directional or not. Turns out her license had been expired for two days too, but I don't think that's going to make her automatically at fault for insurance purposes... As much as I admit it was my fault for running into her, I have no problem with allowing my insurance company to give me back some of the surcharges they charge me, so I hope there's some technicality around the license issue. ;-)

    I'm still surprised at how little the impact effected the bike. I knew a big heavy bike like the TL is pretty much impossible to tip over once it's moving, but I didn't expect it to have no effect at all on the bike. If it was a naked bike, I'd probably be completely fine! :-)

    Anyway, if anyone has a lead on some cheap plastics, please let me know.



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    glad you are ok!



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      nice save

      that stupid bitch shoulda used her signal :dunno still your fault though. Good luck in your quest, I might have the whole left side, chin, v-chin off a 2003.
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        Sorry to hear about it.. We REALLY gotta pay attention all the time on these things. I rode the TLS into work today (first ride since back together) and I really focused on riding. You know.. remembering all that crap from MSF classes that save your life...

        I made it in ok.. and parked the bike on the sidewalk in front of the office just ot make sure some idiot doesn't back into it again.
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          Glad to hear you didenīt crash
          Originally posted by TLCURT
          Because TL's fucking rock.

          It's a cult own one is to love one.


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            Gotta be careful on these things

            Yeah, I usually have eyes on the back of my head and assume EVERYTHING is a threat, but this intersection has so much stuff going on, like cars parked on the side, and a curve in the road so cars come up on you quickly, etc... You really can't watch in all three directions at once without making some assumptions about what people are doing, and unfortunately I assumed she was going straight because she didn't have a directional on. What sucks is that I *never* trust people's directionals, but she was actually accelerating as she approached the intersection, so it threw off my instincts by making me think she was going to be out of the picture. Turns out she was accelerating because she thought the car coming in the opposite direction as her was going faster than it was, so she was rushing to turn in front of it, and then chickened out and changed her mind at the last second, which is why she didn't put her directional on, and then slammed on the brakes right in front of me. In reality, the car coming the other way wasn't even close to either of us, because that's the one I was watching when I hit her...

            Oh well. Your advice is still sage - gotta have positional awareness of EVERYTHING around you on a bike. Kinda like being a fighter pilot - the one you don't keep track of is the one that shoots you down!



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              It's not freakin' easy! You're right there's no way to look three directions at once.

              It reminds me of Keith Code's $1 worth of attention is all you have to spend in Twist. He uses it to talk about racing, but I think it applies even MORE on the street.

              You have to spend .05 on shifting, .15 on road condition at the intersection, .10 on the Buick, .10 on wondering what's around the corner, etc, etc, etc..
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                That sucks, but nice save. Driving cautious sucks during rush hour. Because leaving that safe zone between you and the car in front of you. Backing off to create such a buffer the jackass in the SUV next to takes that as sign he can pull over with 2 feet to spare, then you have to back off more and another jackass pulls in.
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                  That sucks! Still, you have a pretty good argument against her if you choose to go after her for the damage. Driving without a license often means it's automatically their fault... Good luck with this!


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                    Thanks for the vote of confidence, but I already talked to my insurance agent, and he said that in his experience, the other driver not having a valid license just means they get a ticket... :-(
                    Still, it was an older car, so if their damage is <$500, then I don't get any points.

                    I actually never heard back from anyone on the ballpark cost for used plastics (left side, chin, and V-chin) - what have other people paid (ballpark) for this stuff?



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                      try new, but as cheap as you can get