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  • HID lights

    I've noted that a few of you guys (mainly from the US?) have got HID lights on your bikes.
    I'd like to learn a bit more about them ie are they complete units or are they conversion bulbs/kits for existing headlamp units?
    I saw a couple of US-based websites with HID units for cars, but I was blown away by the prices!!
    (BTW I'm not asking about the blue Xenon style bulbs which some people like to think of as HID lights)

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    yeah...first of all, you need to get the concept that HID means you're running a ballast AND a special bulb. These morons on ebay selling the HID Xenon bulbs are just selling halogen or regular bulbs with a blue coating.

    Any true HID system must have a ballast...that's the whole point the, the ballast jumps the voltage up high enough to intiate the Xenon gas in the HID bulb. No filament here...

    You can find kits for around $250 if you look...give me a PM if you're interested, i'll give you the email for the guy i got mine from...

    The kits are usually just generic kits, or pulled off some luxuary car...doesn't really matter, the ballasts are pretty much all the same...bulbs matter though, get the nice ones