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    Here is my estimate for the repairs needed

    Bar end 18.73
    brake lever 33.68
    brake pedal 51.83
    clutch cover (stock) 52.91
    ccgasket 9.37
    FSMD Tail 200.
    Rear rotor 121.55
    rearset bracket? 45.16
    Tank 462.37
    Rear wheel 414.70
    Rear tire 175 (installed)
    Right fairing 355.12
    Right handlebar assy 53.15
    tail 353.77
    upper 257.40
    windshield 70
    exhaust 900
    Paint 500

    Do you see anything else that needs replacing:dunno I started it today and let it run up to 185, then turned it off and it was dripping coolant out the overflow so the motor will have to be checked out. I would also need it put on a computrac to check the frame and swinger.........
    Well over the 50% of KBB value 8400 I am meeting the insurance guy in the morning

    Can you say totalled These prices are from Where can I find retail prices:dunno
    May 2003
    August 2004

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    You didn't put a price on the blood sweat and tears you put into it, wasn't it off the road like 3 weeks after you got it for the customisation of it?

    I hope you can buy it back at a decent price and rebuild it back to its former glory...

    TLOTM, drop or sell, drop or sell, now who wants to win it
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      is rear subframe straight?

      I take no liability if someone burns up his/her TL with Jarkko/Sparkko/plus mod It's safe if it's done right....

      Originally posted by tv1000s
      "If i had a garage half the size of the smallest garage you guys had i would build a tl powered airplane with lazers"


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        That pic makes me everytime! Only place I know to get retail prices is from a stealer or try-

        They have parts listed for 2000 model. Upper at $337 so may be closer to retail.


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          Thanks craz1! I looked at 2002 it said nothing in the dbase
          May 2003
          August 2004


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            Originally posted by JarkkoT
            is rear subframe straight?

            Yeah, I think it is:dunno

            Follow the link, you can get a nice new one for $750
            May 2003
            August 2004


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              makes me feel sick

              did u not have mirrors fitted Sd ??

              do you have the option to buy it back if insurance pays out for a write off...

              generally if is write off in UK..they let ya buy it back off them for a couple o hundred bucks..

              then with all the extra cash ya will have will be able to get all the hammerit gear..etc

              i know that dont make ya feel much better..coz i wnet work on my bike last week..when i got back to work...checked out the car park==NO BIKE.....

              My foreman came over saying how sorry he was for reversing into it with fork lift truck....but not to worry as work will cover all the costs..

              I was still gutted becoz of all the time i had spent in the previous 6 months getting her up to standard...and the fact that they where gonna stump up the cash to sort it out just didnt lift my heart in the slightest.....

              Luckily the foreman is a riding buddy..and had just hidden my bike for me (twat) in the back of the warehouse...

              all people who say dont worry insurance will sort it out....haven't had the heart wrenching feeling that someone has wrecked your pride n joy....

              i am sending out some biker love to you sd...wrap it around your tiller
              "Sorry Officer ! I thought you wanted to race"


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                Thanks screwloose

                I woulda beat that guy with a pipe for messing with ya like that

                sounds like you got , or gutted as you say

                I was using a small round mirror at the time.
                I hope I can buy it back but I'm not sure how that works, neither does the adjuster I talked to
                May 2003
                August 2004


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                  yep i was certainley for about 15 minutes

                  yeh in Uk...when insurance pays out then they give ya the cash.,.and take your baby, car etc away...
                  but give you the otion to buy it back...

                  has always been like that as far as i can remember...

                  a mate with a zx12 bought his back after write off for around 100 now he is gonna sell off all the good bits on ebay..

                  any insurance guys UK or otherwise can enlighten us ?? there must be at least 1 or 2 members with insurance knowledge
                  "Sorry Officer ! I thought you wanted to race"


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                    just a likkle read-up for ya...this was posted stateside

                    But did you know if you do have an accident, or your car is damaged by some other freak of nature, like hail, there is a way to get your comprehensive insurance payout without losing your car? Basically you buy back your car from the insurance company.

                    It works very simply. The insurance company keeps the salvage value, ie. the approximate value at auction of the damaged vehicle, which is about 20 to 30 percent, and you get the remainder of the sum you were insured for.

                    Phillip Cave has a 1973 Mercedes Benz which he uses as a run-around - going to and from work and picking the kids up from school. The car was comprehensively insured for $5,000. After the Sydney hailstorms damaged his vehicle, it was deemed a total loss by CGU Insurance.

                    Phillip wanted to keep his beloved old Merc, so asked the insurance company to evaluate a salvage price. They estimated the wreck to be worth about $1,000. So that was subtracted from his total insured sum of $5,000, leaving Phillip with a handy $4,000.

                    This is not for everyone, though. The car must be roadworthy and if you have a new car you may be better off taking the whole payout and buying again. It works best for those cars that are mechanically fine, but are of lower value and it would mean buying another bottom-of-the-range car.
                    "Sorry Officer ! I thought you wanted to race"


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                      When I wrote my Gixxer off years ago I got screwed.

                      I had a go at the assessor, he said I could buy the wreck back for $2KAUD, they were going to give me $4KAUD as a claim, so I argued the point that if it was still worth $2KAUD then that's only 50% so fix it. No, it was a write off. How can it be written off if it's still worth %50 of what you'll give me? Answer because according to our books when we take it to auction, that's what it will go for, if you want it back go to the auction and bid for it.


                      So I retort with, some Gino will buy it for top dollar at an auction, steal one, put all the none traceable bits on mine and have a good as new bike for $2KAUD and you'll have another claim for a stolen bike. He says, you know that, I know that and until the insurance company wants to do something about it, cough up $2KAUD.

                      I had to let it go, I couldn't get it back on the road in pristine condition again for $4KAUD, it would have cost me more than $2KAUD to get it back up to scratch. Bastards

                      If I was a lowlife, sure I could have nicked another bike and got mine on the road again cheap enough.

                      It sort of worked out in the end I suppose, I bought a POS car with the claim money and saved for the TLS and remained bikeless until I could pay cash for the thing.

                      No wreck or salvage titles over here as far as I know.
                      "I spent most of my money on Scotch, women and cigarettes. The rest I just wasted"


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                        ok ok ok..before you shout at me...i just read it a bit more thorough...and is Australia...

                        But you get the idea
                        "Sorry Officer ! I thought you wanted to race"


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                          Ummm, you're from Manchester, using Sydney hailstorms, then asking for forgiveness?

                          I'm lost. (nothing new)
                          "I spent most of my money on Scotch, women and cigarettes. The rest I just wasted"


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                            me too

                            for the info though:dunno
                            May 2003
                            August 2004


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                              You might mention something about the swingarm to the insurance guy also
                              Everyone dies but not everyone lives