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Which 2-pc leathers?

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  • Which 2-pc leathers?

    OK, I'm in the market for 2-pc leathers. I've always liked Gericke jackets but they don't seem to be too popular any more and can be hard to find! Anybody have experiece with them? I'm also looking into AGV but would like to get the opinions of the rest of you on the board! They'll be used for track and street (mostly street).

    I'm kind of avoiding Joe Rockets but open to any other suggestions!

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    I have a Hein Gericke 2 pc suit. I love mine. Its called "tribal". Its in all black which gets hot as crap during the summer! but it is perforated in the jacket. The pants arent. The pants are The same pants as comes W/ the "yamaha" "factory" leathers. I love the quality of gericke. I paid like 450 for my suit.

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      That's the same suit I was looking at. I bought the Tribal Chicks for my wife (jacket only, pants coming soon). They make the Suzuki leathers too, don't they?

      Thanks for he info!


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        I have the Teknic Chicane two piece and am very happy with the suit. Like anything else, try on as many as you can. The Teknic's cut seem to fit me really well.


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          I bought the Suzuki jacket and sent it back. Quality was good, but the sleeves were too dang long. They caused it to bunch up at the elbows making it nearly impossible to even zip the thing up. I just got my HJC Retro II in and it's perfect. No complaints.


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            get 1 that fits. as long as it's quality and fits.
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                i got the teknic speedstar 2 peice, i'm diggin' it, they really stand behind their product which i like



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                  Cool, thanks for the info everyone! And it was my bad - InterSport Fashions West (makers of FirstGear) makes the Suzuki stuff.
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                    i have the joe rocket stuff and it is well made and fits nice BUT i dont care for the metal zippers. they have held up well, but think about the metal zipper by your "boys" sliding across pavement...HOT HOT HOT

                    i saw a buddie arm get burned from a metal zipper when he lowsided. his leathers were sheeeit, but same thing could happen with mine

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