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    is there a how to on chopping the rear? i dont want to pay for one and i know that it atleast looks possible. the only problem i see is how to mount a liscense plate light on. any faq's on this like what brackets/ lights/ ect to buy w/ pics?
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    on my last TLS I just trimmed away the fender slowly mounted some signals in the rear fairings and ran it without a license plate light, the light from the rear brake was descent and keep the little metal bracket flip it upside down screw two holes into the back, top of the fender under the taillight and mount your plate on it, I bent my plate upwards so it was pointing level, instead of towards the tire, total cost about $20 (for the rear signals) looked a ton better, sorry no pics sold it


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      I went to Home Depot and bought a couple of L brackets then mounted my plate up to that. Just grab a dremel and start cutting off flush with the tail. I also put some of the mini short stalk signals coming out of the fake vents on the tail. I now have the cats eye looking one in the fake vents. Its pretty easy just like anything take your time....haste makes waste!
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        Same here. I bought 2 L brackets and mounted the lic plate that way