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  • rebuild a tiller

    I'm wondering if I should buy a wrecked tiller and rebuild it myself. I know it is no easy task, but exactly how hard is it? Besides bent frames, title issues is there anything else I should look out for if I decide to go this route?

    The biggest issue I would have is the electric system, I've never had to deal with that. Anyone have any expereices they can share?
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    Actually its pretty easy to tear into a TL. I would say go for it. I have had mine apart on many occasions!
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      If your looking for a good deal, and don't mind riding a tiller that doesn't look like new, buy a wrecked tiller, peice together parts from ebay etc, and focus your spending on parts that make the tiller better mechanically, not cosmetically. if your looking for that perfect new appearance, you'll probably spend less buying a good clean used bike...painting and good bodywork is expensive. i'll always ride someone elses mistake
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        I've built a couple of bikes from boxes of parts, you always end up short something. But with eBay now things are MUCH easier.

        Now for the reality... It's cheaper to find a good deal on a used but nice runner than to put it all together from parts. It nickel and dimes you to death building and at the end you spent more than you would on a runner. Unless you get a SMOKIN deal on the beater.. Like a few hundred $$..
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          I bought mine wrecked in 99 and have less than 5k into it.
          If you know what you're doing and get a deal on parts etc, it's not bad.
          I do agree with the guys though that it takes just the deal to make it worth while.


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            Its pretty basic, I dont know that I would on a TLR though. You can pick TL's up pretty cheap these days. Just something to think about.

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              I have done it but get one that has low miles.


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                Your BIGGEST PROBLEM will be the title.
                In Florida you CAN NOT title a "Salvage" or "Cert of Destruction" vehicle. (They are touchy about THAT sort of thing.)
                It will be VERY difficult to find a "CLEAN-TITLE" TLR wreck in Fla.
                I know... I have been looking for some time now.
                EVERYTHING else IS a piece of cake, with the SUZUKI Shop Manual
                Even the electrical.
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                  I rebuilt my TLS from an insurance salvage last winter. got a good deal on it and found parts from ebay and message boards. It was fun to do and I figured everything out with the shop manual. Don't attempt this unless you get the manual and have adequate tools, though.

                  I agree with earlier posts that if cosmetics are important, you can probably buy a good used bike with low miles for the same price (or less) than to rebuild, though. If you want to spend your money on go-fast parts and are willing to settle for less-than-perfect cosmetics, and you enjoy wrenching, go the wrecked-rebuildable route.