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  • Oil Leak

    My TLR is leaking oil from underneath both the right side clutch cover and left side crankcase. I dropped the bike on its left side in the canyons about 6 months ago going about 40 and it started leaking about 4 months after that. I also do a shit load of wheelies too. I want to get it serviced b/c it's still under warranty but not if the leak is do to the fall. Could the crash and wheelies have caused the leak? I thought TL's were tougher than that.

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    check the counter shaft sprocket seal and clutch push rod seal on the left side of bike (while sitting on it) and check to make sure the cover bolts are all there and the cover gasket isn't leaking on the right side of the bike.
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      Uhh.. Stop abusing your bike!

      Dunno.. got any pics of the leak we can check out?
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