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  • The FREE TL1000S project...

    Its been over 10 years since I registered on the forum, but finally l got a TL. A friend of a friend had a 1998 model, that had been sitting for years, outside under a tarp.

    He had no intention of getting it running and in the condition it was it would be impossible to sell, so he gave it to me for free!

    Obviously there were issues, it had been sitting with almost no gas, so the tank was full of rust, tires cracked etc.

    Will post pictures once I get her running, which I am struggling with at the moment.

    Since I had it I've done the following:
    - Changed oil, oil filter and spark plugs
    - Treated and sealed the rusty tank
    - Changed the fuel pump and mounted the fuel filter outside the tank
    - Check error codes i dealer mode = c00 - NO FAULT

    The bike has done bout 18000miles/30000km.

    But the bike won't start, the fuel pump fires up, the external filter fills up with gas, but nothing happens, just keep churning ...

    Any suggestions?


    A video:

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    Battery is new and fully charged, forgot to mention that.


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      ... Listen to Six5 ...


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        Take lots of photos and create a new thread about your rebuild.

        1) check for spark
        2) check for fuel at return line.
        3) check TB is clean and clear.
        4) check vacuum lines and TB boots. It wouldn't surprise me if you have cracks there too.

        Does it smell like gas when you try to turn it over? Have you tried to spray a little starter fluid to see if she fires?
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          Probably the injectors are clogged ?


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            Originally posted by avanti View Post
   he gave it to me for free!
            Awesome! Very nice friend. I hope you are able to get it going.


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              As Brainless posted, use some starter fluid (Aerostart) I fired a TLS project up the other day after many nights of tinkering. I had spark and fuel but it wouldn't fire. I squirted starter fluid into the airbox and cranked away, after 5 or so seconds she coughed and ran for about 2 seconds on the fluid. I did this about 5 times then I kept spraying whilst it was running and eventually it caught on and kept running on fuel. Just needed a helping hand!


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                Its alive!!!!!!!!!!!! And purrs like a kitten!

                Earlier I had tried to spray into the air intakes on the side of the airbox, apparently that wasn't enough, so now I removed the airfilter and shot the spray straight down into each throttle body. After about 2 tries if fired up! I let it run until it reached about 105 degrees Celsius, turned it off and fired it up again.

                I don't use starter fluid but highly flammable toilet air freshener!

                Feels good, now I need to do the brakes and make her pretty!