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  • Summit Fairings for TLR

    Howdy folks, its been a bit since I've posted on here. I'm cleaning up the TLR as it is showing some wear on the OEM plastic. After nearly choking on my dinner last night when I saw how much the new OEM plastic goes for, I decided to see what is currently out there for aftermarket, and for repainting options.

    I do have a buddy who paints professionally, and I could refinish the OEM fairings with a paint job that is better than factory. He used to paint for Ferrari... and yes he's that good, and I see the bikes at the track that he does all the time. Amazing work that's very durable and would probably outlast the years I got left in my life. hehe. This would prob be about the same money as buying OEM plastics.

    What I'm asking about is the summit fariings route. It seems they have a lot better mounting points than what I've seen in past years. One of the bikes of the month looks like they have them. Can you guys speak about your experience with them? Did they bolt right up?

    I'm looking for feedback on general fitment observations. I have concerns of things like windscreen fitment(I have a windscreen that I love that is not made anymore, that fits the OEM plastic). I have concerns of battery door fitment, and rear seat cowl fitment. I think the kits come with the fairing battery door, anyway. no tank cover, no rear seat cowl. I can prob just paint the tank and the seat cowl and do that.


    Thanks a bunch.

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    I say it everytime (3 sets of Auctmarts Chinese fairings) but you get what you pay for when it comes to fairings. If I ever do it again I will just spend the money to be with the OEM stuff I have had no luck with Chinese. Canít personally speak of the Summit brand you speak of I have never dealt with that but yeah as far as fitment, durability and overall quality, it doesnít even compare to OEM (the Chinese stuff). Just my 2 cents not trying to discourage you from going either route but good luck!
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      From what I have seen of local guys replacing fairings, the Chinese stuff either melts, becomes brittle, or paint fades. Fitment is fair. The 1 piece molded is more durable than the multi-piece bonded fairing sets. The R belly pan is the first thing to melt; you can't put enough heat reflective cloth inside.

      If you have a buddy that paints, I would definitely go that route with OEM plastics. The quality and fitment is hard to duplicate.

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        Although you'd have to paint them, there's a set of TLR fairings for sale over on WERA. They're damaged, see the description. He's asking $350, no delivery but he travels to a lot of racetracks. (Yoshimura parts already sold)
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          Thanks... my fairings are 85% and really don't need to be replaced, as it just would be good to be redo their finish... looks like I'm gonna paint em.

          Curious though... Suprachrgd82, The picture of your bike from last November's bike of the month, the fairing paint/decal of the stripe patterns, if you look closely, they appear to match perfectly to the aftermarket Summit fairings I was looking at. None of the factory schemes have that striping.

          I'm really just interested in finding an owner of those Summit aftermarket fairings so I can get further details to consider before I would make a decision to buy them.

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