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A Squid on a Busa???

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  • A Squid on a Busa???

    Here is the deal, my best friend (we are like brothers), has a 2003 ZX6R (636cc). This is the FIRST bike he has ever had or ridden. He bought it about 4 months ago. Now my friend is one of those people that HAS to have the "best" know, the fastest, loudest, most bling. So, I think that deep down he is jealous of the Mighty Tiller of mine. When we are out and people ask the ALL FAMOUS QUESTION...."which one is faster?"...he always says that I have trouble keepin up with him...LOL. I just smile and shake my head. We all know that if someone else is ridin lead on a I4, and you are crusin at 60 in 6th gear, that when they take off out of the blue, we have to downshift to about 3rd so it can take a second if you aren't payin attention So the all experienced wanting to purchase a Busa. He says "trust me I won't ride it until next year"..."even if I do, I won't ride it hard like I do my Ninja".. Who else calls bullshit on this? I know that you wouldn't let a perfectly good bike set for a year.(Besides not like you can make a jump like that, that quick) And second you know that if you ride a bike, you want to see what it's got... So I post this poll to you guys to help convince him how dumb the idea is.
    Sure, he can handle it!
    Sure, he will use his head.
    Stick to the 600 then graduate to a 750, etc.!
    Put the $ into the 600!

    The poll is expired.

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    You don't hang out with very bright people do you

    J/k Tell your buddy he has nothing to prove Why not roll that 600 for a year then move up?

    I'd hate to see him (and his 4 months of experience) plow into the back of a cage, or a tree

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      I am calling BS on his "won't ride it hard"

      If you have the HP, you will eventually use the HP. No one on earth "needs" a 'busa. Especially no one with less than 3-5 years of riding experience.

      Explain to your friend that it isn't the machine. I have no trouble at all railing with friends on MUCH faster machines. Until we hit the open sections, but I expect that.
      and yeah...I own a lowly Katana...

      Going fast is not the be all end all of riding.

      Have him do a search for "The Pace" either on here or SSBC. It explains it pretty well.
      My example: I just went to the store. 2 blocks away.....17 miles later I arrived.
      It's the ride that counts, not the machine or speed. Hard to explain, but just enjoying the scenery and the perfect weather is more often MORE fun than hauling ass.
      (86F here and not a cloud in site).

      My bet is that if your friend gets a 'busa, he "will have to know" how fast it is. That will just buy him trouble. Hell the 600's top out at almost 170mph! Who needs to go faster?

      Of course, all you can do is let him read this stuff and pray that he listens to you.

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        That Ninja is plenty for now. The guy I sold my '89 GSXR 750 said "I can handle it-I had a Yamaha 650 Special." Two weeks later he goes flying down a street straight into a curb and totals it beyond repair. All he said was "DAM THAT THING WAS SO FAST THE BRAKES DIDN'T WORK!"


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          Poor bike...


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            Getting on a Busa now, is an open invitation to scratch the paintwork!

            It's simple, work your way up! Your friend has no idea what kind of a stupid machine he will have under his ass if he gets onto a busa. It is still rated as the meanest machine ever put into a production motorcycle. What is the hp/n.m on the busa? Something like 175hp to 142n.m. SUICIDE.

            Tell you what. Get your mate to take out some life insurance and make you the sole beneficiary. Then go and buy him a busa!
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              I only had my f3 for a summer and a half before buying the tiller...and it was my first bike. A bike is only gonna go as fast as the rider twists the if the guy has a decent head on his shoulders and has respect for what the bike can do I say go for long as he is big/strong enough to physically handle a big bike like the busa
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                To be honest, I'm not all that sure the Ninja is that much less of a danger than the Busa
                It's a lean mean machine too, lotta HP, no lbs to control 'em.
                WTF does he need a Busa for?
                If he'd go for a Tiller, now that I would understand!!!
                The best of both world!
                Seems to me your pal just too much money in his wallet.
                Ask him to pay for my fairing and rearshock!
                I'll buy him beer

                Not gonna let him ride my bike though, maybe in a year or two...
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                  "Graduate" to the busa? Screw that.. I would rather have the 636 NO DOUBT..

                  That's a shit hot little bike that weighs next to nothing and gots some SERIOUS poke.. He wants to trade in a sweet handling ride for a pig of a Busa? Smack him in the head with something.
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                    My story...

                    I was given a Kawi 250 ex that was dead since my friend was leaving Japan and she knew that I liked to tinker with stuff.

                    The thing looked like a POS and didn't run...
                    Well inside of a week with a little TLC I had her living again and so off to the MSF riders course I went...

                    Being my first "powered" bike, the instructors were amazed at how I was "throwing" her around on the MSF course so they started [email protected]%$ing with me trying to mess me up and make me dump (that's another story).

                    Passed the class and two months later was very board with my new scooter...

                    Step two, a friend had a Kawi Zephyr 400 for sale, with some custom fiber glass body work and a bright orange paint job.
                    Mikuini CR flat side carbs, Wakos race pipe, accel super coils and some other go fast bits made this a ride that I kept for about 6 months.

                    It was hard to let something go that could shoot a 3-4 foot flame out the tail pipe (I loved doing my empression of an F-14 takin off)

                    At that 6 month mark I had been going to the "local" shops and drooling over the big bikes as all my friends had (Ducati 750 paso, CBR1000, TL1000R, TL1000S, CBR929, etc...)

                    I came accross my TLS and over her for 3 weeks until I convinced the wife to let me have her...

                    What a bike to grow into, the day you stop learning - you may do something stupid and get hurt.....

                    If he does get the busa, just be careful and have fun with it.

                    I felt what your "busa" friend is feeling but he should stick with the 600 for another year then move on to the bigger toy if he feels a need for it
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                      Originally posted by TLSBill
                      He wants to trade in a sweet handling ride for a pig of a Busa? Smack him in the head with something.
                      If You're Not Living On The Edge, You're Taking Up Too Much Space

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                        I think even the 636 is too much performance for a totall newb, but hey, he already has it. Getting the Busa would be pretty dumb as far as I'm concerned. Unless he can totally ride the wheels off that 636 (that'll take some time) then he should just stick to it and learn to ride.

                        But as much as we talk, it's his wallet and his ego. Hopefully he won't get in any trouble


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                          You should jump on your friend's 636 in the canyons or on any available twisty road and show him how fast his bike is with an experienced rider at the controls. It seems to me tha all modern sport bikes are faster than their riders. There is no reason for your friend to buy the Busa unless he has aspirations to drag race.
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                            well, unless you friend is all about going in a straight line he may not have a clue as to what he "thinks" the busa will do. if on the other hand, he enjoys, umm, let me see, carving up the twisties than it shouldnt be too hard to guide him to keep the kawi. Of course the busa is competent in the fun stuff, but not with someone who still drags his feet across the intersection. the 636 is tits and he should watch a couple video tapes or online clips of some back road action to get his excitement back up again about the zx.

                            good luck to your friend.



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                              those 636's have some trick parts...i'd stay with that, and really learn how to ride it...600's in the twisties should be the faster bike...when he's really passing you on that thing, then he can go to the busa..

                              otherwise he's another f-ing poser, that i'm going to flame the shit out of when i meet them