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  • Great service from PSR

    Ever since I've owned my TLR, I've wanted some nice chain adjusters. I've looked at the cheap Chinese ones, read horror stories about them, so stayed away from them. Gilles were aways so expensive and others didn't list them when I got around to buying them.
    I know that some people have said that Hyabusa, some GIXER and SV1000 will fit, so I carried on with the search!
    This week Bluesman messaged me, asking if I had any luck. This kicked my butt into gear, so the quest was on!!! Bluesman sent me a link to PSR who list the ones I like ​ and they supply the lifter hooks which look really nice.
    The trouble came to getting them to the UK, as the web site didn't list the UK as a delivery destination. I know some good people who would forward them on to me from the states, but to avoid troubling people, there had to be a way around it!
    I phoned PSR several times with no luck getting through, then as Bluesman pointed out, I phoned late in the day here (8hrs ahead) I managed to get through! Katie was great!! she took all my details and said that she would email me when she had checked their stock. Good to her word, the email came through shortly after, with great news.
    Two set of chain adjusters and lift hooks, one set for me in Black and one set for Bluesman in Blue. Prices are good too....$185 for the adjusters and $59.95. The adjusters are advertised on "Sale" for around $157, but we didn't get that offer. Just glad we got them at that price.....believe me they are gold dust over her in the UK!!
    Bluesman sent through his half of the cash via PayPal, then I ordered them....Great!!! Both like a couple of kids waiting now for the delivery!!.
    I sure we will post photos when all fitted.
    Thanks to all who helped us (brainless and co)
    No part number yet, but if the package has any ID marks, I will share with you!

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    Excellent. I may order a set for myself sometime after I get through all the other stuff my new-to-me TLR needs....


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        I love mine. perfect fit.
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          Thanks for the info AJ TLRMAN . I have 2 TL's that don't have these. These dang things are a MUST!
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            I am sorry but PSR wont get a dime out of me..... They copy EVERYTHING from companies that already do the design and R&D then get it copied (In China) if I am not mistaken then try to get credit for it... Look at the PSR Damper... Look like a GPR? Chain adjusters.... Look like Giles? Stands.... Look like Pit Bull? They cant come up with any designs of their own and they are taking money from credible good companies that do all the work...
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                Just looked at the GPR steering damper....I think your right...with the exception of the rebate milled around the upper edge and the adjustment knob, they do look the same. But the one from PSR is $200 cheaper. There are many copies out there, but paddock stands are mainly generic and are made by loads of companies. They all look similar, except for the very expensive ones.
                Some people don't look at the bigger picture....the price is paramount! I'm afraid I fall into the latter on this occasion. Chain adjusters for the TL are not readily available here in the UK. Gilles stopped making that style of adjuster, now supply a smaller ones, more like the standard ones, admittedly they are better to look at than the stock ones, but not as nice as the PSR ones we've just bought.
                I have ohlins and other big brand named items like Akropovic, Renthal, Maxton etc on my bike, which I'm happy to pay for the quality etc, but some times I do feel they are over priced.
                I working the Super Yacht Industry, which our company has a large R&D and tech department. This all costs, but we have to be competitive. Difficult sometimes, especially when up against countries which have low labour rates and their copy ethics may be questioned. Its a tough world!
                You pay your money and take your choice....


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                  This is a link that shows what TLR67 was referring too I believe It is an eye opener...


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                    Nice one AJ
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