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A little help on my new to me TLS Trackbike

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  • A little help on my new to me TLS Trackbike

    I picked up a 98 TLS to use as a track bike. It has been abused by its previous owners but Im going to clean it up and use it like it should be. Am I right in thinking that first generation Hayabusa forks are a direct fit to this machine? This is going to be a track only unit so Im not worried about anything other than performance and handling/braking. But I do want to be able to mount either a TL or GSXR fender on the new forks (my stock forks are missing part of the fender bracket) any help or suggestions are appreciated. Looking forward to getting this abused TLS back in running condition.

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    *09/10 Hayabusa Forks NOTE: Hayabusa forks are 50/55mm Upper/Lower fork diameter dimensions which are the same as stock TLS/TLR

    *09/10 Hayabusa Calipers

    *09/10 Hayabusa Axle + Spacer

    *07 GSXR 1000 front fender
    NOTE: The K9/K10 Hayabusa Brake lines are identical to all TLS/TLR Brake lines, My calipers came with new brakes lines for a Hayabusa so I used them.

    NOTE: The 2007 GSXR 1000 front fender is a DIRECT fit to GEN 2 Hayabusa forks.

    *The Spacers required for this fitment are as follows.

    * 2 off brake rotor spacers 69mm i/d x 89mm o/d x 2.5mm these spacers require 5 x 10mm holes at 91mm PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter) these spacers are required to space the rotor centres out from their existing TLS/TLR 134mm to Busa 139mm

    *4 off Longer M10x70 x 1.25 Stainless Socket Head Bolts

    *4 off 10mm i/d x 24mm o/d x 5mm Caliper Spacers

    NOTE: These spacers do not have to be shouldered I just got mine done so.

    NOTE: These spacers can now be purchased in a kit from Sam Matthewman on www.TLPLANET.COM

    The above is extracts from the link below....hope this will help you AJ