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TLR C42 issue.

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  • TLR C42 issue.

    So this is my headache, I have a 98 tlr it's my first one, so I been rebuilding this bike for about a year, I've replaced the ignition switch due to bad lock I've come to find out that this switch doesn't work with this ecu. Does anyone anything I can do besides paying 200 bucks for a OEM ignition. Thanks

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Do a search on the error "c42" and it should find a thread containing the answer.
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      I ended up swapping my new cylinder into the old ongition set to keep The OEM plug and wire set up. Worked great for me, was easy.


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        the OEM switch has a resistor in it for the ecu .
        you can add a resistor to the aftermarket switch but you need to understand the wiring of the switch.
        If you dont or
        dont have someone who does
        then you need an oem switch

        It never ceases to amaze why people ask for advice then when I give it they either ignore it or argue against it.
        But then I don't know all that much about TL's

        wwjd.......what would jimmy do.