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    Any of you guys running a quick shift on a 97 tls?

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    Almost zero need for it on the TL Iíve found at least in my case a little bit of pressure in the upshift and then I want to shift just let off the gas a fraction and it clicks right into the next gear.

    Yes a quick shifter may be faster, but not fast enough to make it worthwhile on the street.


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      Many here have run a quick shifter on their TL, although most haven't been active in a long time. If you're asking about what works "best" on a TL, perhaps you can get Sam to speak up since I believe he's used several different brands. IIRC, the last I heard him talk about using was Cordona.
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        My '98 TLS upshifts effortlessly with no clutch even at high revs (track days). Put a bit of "pre"-pressure on the shift lever. The instant you roll off the throttle (not much at all... play with it) it will upshift. Throttle ON! I use the clutch pretty much to modulate that ferocious engine braking during aggressive deceleration/downshifting... kinda why I love this big-bore twin. Have fun!
        Throttle fixes everything...