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Front brake weirdness

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  • Front brake weirdness

    While moving the bike around today after getting the new starter relay installed, I grabbed the front brake and the lever was very stiff. It doesn't seem to be doing much braking because I kept grabbing the lever while pushing it back and forth. I also have to squeeze very hard to trigger the brake light.

    Any idea what happened? Seal failure inside the MC? It doesn't seem like much fluid is being moved. I have never encountered this on a bike before. Thanks for any ideas!

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    crack the banjo on the master cylinder and see if fhe lever pushes fluid out easily or not. If not its the master if yes then the problem is in the lines or caliper

    if so crack each banjo on each caliper and repeat. that should isolate the problem location

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      Thanks. I've changed brakes, lines, etc, and bled, so I thought giving the fluid a free place to go would help isolate it. I just wasn't sure if the symptoms pointed to anything anyone had encountered or heard of before.

      I've never rebuilt a master cylinder before but it doesn't look hard. Rebuilding the calipers is rather tedious but not hard, either. I rebuilt the transplanted 6-piston Tokicos on my CBR9 many moons ago. At least this time, I know the source!