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Fi light when cranking and bike wont start.

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  • Fi light when cranking and bike wont start.

    Hey guys its me again. Sorry to keep bugging all of you constantly over the past couple of weeks but i was hoping to get my bike running today but it wont start. The fi light comes on when turning over. Spark plugs are brand new and fuel pump is priming.

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    I should also mention the air box is disconected as i will be doing the tbs when it starts.


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      refit the air sensor to the loom and try again........its in the air box

      jump the dealer mode plug and see if there are any codes

      It never ceases to amaze why people ask for advice then when I give it they either ignore it or argue against it.
      But then I don't know all that much about TL's

      wwjd.......what would jimmy do.


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        Expanding on the above, there are two intake air sensors that need to be connected: temp (green plug, threads into the RH underside of the airbox above the fuel pressure reg) and intake pressure (black plug on the back of the airbox with a small vacuum line running to the front TB and of course the loom connector).


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          I pluged in the air intake sensors and it still wont start. I put it in dealer mode and got c00 with the bar at the top. Spark plugs and fuel filter are brand new. I can also hear the pump and relay kick on. Not sure why my bike wont start. :/


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            Noah, you have quite a few threads is usually easier to help you solve problems if you can keep them in one or two threads, because often the problems are inter-related. This is especially true with a new owner unfamiliar with the TL.

            Didn't you recently swap engines in your TL?

            Do you know the history on the new engine?

            Has it ever run since you have owned it?

            A basic requirement of starting a TL is a strong battery. Measure across the battery terminals while cranking the engine over. if the battery voltage drops below 10V, that is likely part of the problem. Of course, there could be other issues, but knowing the state of the battery is a good starting point.
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              Yes tge battery is brand new. I did recently swap motors and i havent run it since i purchased it although it is guaranteed to run from the wrecker i bought it from.


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                Originally posted by Noah 97 tls View Post
                Yes the battery is brand new. .....
                Even new batteries can be duds. That's why it is suggested to measure the battery voltage during cranking. It is an effective 'load test.' I once had a battery give up six days after installation.

                Also, the title of your thread here says, "Fi light when cranking..." The reason you are not seeing an FI light now may be due to the delay in the ECM. Some error codes take 4 or 5 seconds to generate. Put it in dealer mode and try cranking it over for 6 seconds, but no longer. If there is a code, it will appear in that time span. Exercise caution, and don't over do it, because starter and cables can get too hot.

                If the key is turned off, the codes will disappear.

                When you do crank it over, are there strong fumes of fuel afterwards? Even new spark plugs can 'fuel foul' and be nearly useless from then onward.

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                  No smell of fuel after cranking over. I put it in dealer mode and no codes come up after cranking


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                    Are the throttle bodies and injectors you are using from the original engine? And was it running?

                    If the TBs came with the new engine, the injectors could be clogged, since you don't know the history on the engine.

                    Try a little starter fluid down the TBs to see if that will help it fire and tick over.
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                      Yes im using my original tbs and injectors they came off my original engine which was running good just a bad transmission 1 month ago. I tried some starter fluid down the tbs and it still wont even attempt to fire up.


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                        Six5 is asking if you smell fuel because if the fuel pump is working and the injectors are clear, then cranking over that many times and that long should result in fuel out the exhaust and thus a fuel smell...

                        since you don't smell it, sounds like a fuel delivery issue.

                        remember an engine needs fuel, spark and compression. You are missing one.
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                          Since this is a wrecker motor and not a rebuild....
                          No fuel smell after long cranking=smell the oil to see if it's all blowing by the rings
                          oil smells like gas=no compression=no start

                          smallest easiest thing to do before fuel injector checks/compression test/ignition system test

                          my $0.02
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                            Hey guys it turns out the rear cylinder wasnt getting spark. I swaped in the plug wire off my spare wiring harness and it started up no problem. Engine sounds like its running good although i havent riden it yet. Tomorrow i will be syncing the tbs and re fitting the airbox and fairings. Thanks alot for all the tips and advise i really appreciate it. Does anyone recomend removing the flapper assembly from the AB?


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                              Originally posted by Noah 97 tls View Post
                              Does anyone recomend removing the flapper assembly from the AB?
                              Oh yeah. Did it on my S airbox. Cleared up all the plastic crap too. I believe there is a write up in the frequent mods, but the pictures may be long gone...
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