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R1 shock conversion brackets for 97 S

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  • R1 shock conversion brackets for 97 S

    Anyone have some of these laying around or know someone that makes them that I can contact? Cheers.

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    pic 12.JPG
    Where are you located?
    Pala Precision in Ontario, Canada makes nice ones.
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      Thats a copy of one of mine. It gives access to the damper screw.
      the ohlins pattern one doesnt

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        Located one, thank you fellas. One question though. Do I need to find a reducer for the bottom of the shock? 12mm to 10mm? Read somewhere that I did but haven't seen it mentioned much elsewhere. I'll check the archives again but a straight answer would be great, thanks.


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          I need one for a TLR if anybody has one.
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