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Stiff clutch

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  • Stiff clutch

    Anyone on here have a really stiff clutch lever i just replaced my cable but its hard to pull its so stiff.

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    might be the actuator

    if you pull it apart the actuator has 11 of 1/8in ball bearings . you get these from a bicycle shop.

    now if you are very careful with the orientation its no problem to wind out the worm and replace the balls.

    And rotate the thin steel keeper one quarter it moves the balls to an unworn portion of the worm.

    fill with balls and grease and refit the worm

    It never ceases to amaze why people ask for advice then when I give it they either ignore it or argue against it.
    But then I don't know all that much about TL's

    wwjd.......what would jimmy do.