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A few TL mod questions

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  • A few TL mod questions

    Hello everyone. Just signed up on here. Been riding for over 20 years. Back in 2000 I bought a brand new tl1000r. Absolutely loved the bike but it either didnít love me or was jinxed. At 500 miles a friend ran into me while I was turning into the gas station. Then after getting it repaired it was stolen. Canít have anything nice in Detroit.

    So many many years and bikes later here we are. TL still on my mind and I found a smokin deal on a 99. It needs a few things, tbís synced, paint, and some tires. So I pick it up tommrow.

    Have a few questions for things im wanting to do if itís possible. I tried searching but am not finding much.

    1- would like to get a set of race fairings. Donít need them but like the fact of no headlight cut out so I can run a custom setup. Only set I found was from Peru. Not sure I want to order from there. Any ideas?

    2- one thing I didnít like was it to me the swingarm looked too short. Any company that makes one that looks stock but 4Ē-6Ē longer?

    3- was also thinking of doing a front end swap. Possibly from a gsxr 1000. 2009-2012 maybe. Or any ideas for this? Different bike or year?

    I appreciate any help or if this has been posted my apologies and if someone can just point me in the right direction that would be awesome.

    Thank you

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    1. Take the liberty to make one. Take your headlight out, wrapped it in plastic wrap and fiberglass over it. Then prep it for paint and pop it in place before you race. Be sure to make some mounting tabs.

    2. Don't bother extending it unless you drag otherwise you lose cornering.

    3. I just bought an 08 gsxr 1000 front end. People say that the forks are too short for the geometry of the bike which will make it less stable at high speeds which is true but I'm going to work around that by customizing some parts. Gsxr 750 of that year have longer forks I believe.


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      Howdy and welcome. Check out the Performance Enhancement and Frequent Mods Forums, or just do a search. It's all been covered in detail.
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        Welcome to the forum....helped me tremendously....loads of help and information!!! Ride safe!!!