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    Hey guys i am getting to the bottom of my tl issues finally. My wiring harness was a complete nightmare thanks to the previous owner adding the h+ mod improperly as well as the sport flasher. The harness had a lot of homemade wires and looks alot different than the non backyard version i removed from my spare frame. I am hoping my spare one will fit in my bike ok but am conserned due to my bike having the gap mod done with the n2wheelies undertray to accomodate the biturbo rearshock and vansuki rear huger. Did any members have to modify there wiring loom to accomodate this mod? I am thinking that may be why my original was so unlike my stock one. If anyone knows what or if any modifications had to be made to accomodate the n2wheelies tray i would be extremely gratefull to find out. Thanks TL planet!

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    The only thing I had to do for N2's tray was make some longer battery cables. I have pictures somewhere...

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      Yea making longer battery cables is the only thing you have to do with regards to the gap mod tray...I do run a auxiliary harness for all my add ons but itís completely separate from the stock harness...I do have a couple stock harnesses...


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        Ok thanks ill let you guys know how it goes unfortunately the previous owner did not use a seperate harness for his add ons and added to the main loom in a very ghetto way. Luckily i have fair condition stock one.


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          Modify the loom would be an understatement.

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