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No brake lights, or dash lights.

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  • No brake lights, or dash lights.

    Hey guys after re assembling my wiring harness when i hit the signal the wire connected to the signal relay sparked on my battery tray and now i have no signal lights dash lights or brake lights. Bike starts and headlights work. Not sure where the fuse for this would be or how to tell if the fuse is blown or not.

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    Up the front, right hand side of the fairing. Basically under the throttle. I think as this is where it is on my R, I have an S but it had been moved, hopefully this has helped..


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      Ok the fairings are off the bike right now bit ill check on that thanks!


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        The OEM location of the TLS fuse box is on the right side of the fairing/headlight mount. Directly behind the headlight and directly in front of the steering stem. You will find the signal fuse in there.
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