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Vaccum box diagram TLs

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  • Vaccum box diagram TLs

    Hey guys im just putting the ab back on my tls today and im not sure where all the lines go since the ones connected to the TBs where just loose when i got my bike. Right now i have the sensor on the back left of the ab connected to the flapper in the airbox. I also see the thing at the back of my tank has a line coming off of it and there is another sensor at the back of my AB that has a nipple for a line to attach to. Im wondering where the front and rear throttle body lines go to.

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    See page 4-25 in the manual for the proper connections on the vacuum lines.

    Pay attention to the lines with the small internal jets. See page 4-60.

    The diagrams around page 8-25 will show the actual physical location of most of the associated components.
    January 2012 - BBOTM & TLOTM


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