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Hey tlr in need of some help

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  • Hey tlr in need of some help

    Well hello tlr members i was on here once before with some problems with a tlr i purchased that had been sitting for 3 years after it had been layed down on her left side. I had alot of positive posts to my problems before thanks to all that helped, besides someone named josh i believe not sure tho. But he was really good at stating the obvious ( capt.obvious) and trying to make me look stupid. Well thanks anyway but new problem maybe someone can help me out with? After finally getting 3 years of rust out of every inch of my 2001 tlr. I got her started. Clutch slipped real bad, found out my clutch release pin was bad. Replaced that and she worked alot .Better but was still slippin anyhow i replaced all the plates steel and friction and she runs great clutch feel good for about 10 minutes and then it starts to slowly slip getting worse tje hotter she gets till it will slip so bad it wont even go anymore. Any suggestions?

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    Release pin was bent