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GSXR gauge cluster conversion

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  • GSXR gauge cluster conversion

    I recently aquired another TLR. This TL has GSXR gauge cluster but I found out that the low fuel warning light doesnt function correctly. It will bulb test on start up but it doesnt come on when fuel level is low. My question to those that have experience with this mod is. Is this a normal byproduct of this mod or do I have a concern that I need to diagnose?

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    he will tell you more than you ever want to know...

    for his info, do you know the year of the gauges? Because some years you cannot get the lights working...
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      It may depend upon which GSXR gauge model you have.

      This link may address the issue:

      Or JoE.'s installation manual is another option.

      Or JoE. may be along shortly to sort it for you.

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        GSXR K2 - K4 gauge cluster fuel light should work on the TL as is. Only drawback is, that those have a 1-stage fuel light only. K1 gauge cluster needs the Suzuki Fuel Level Light Resistor (FLLR) to get the fuel light working. K1 has the same 2-stage fuel light as the TL though. K5 - K6 is a different story. Those need another converter board.
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          Thanks for the information